It’s been a long time..

Shouldna left you… without a dope beat to step to… step to…step to


I just got off the phone with my friend Peaches!!! I haven’t talked to her in what feels like AGES!!!! Damn her for leaving me in this place by myself! LOL We made plans to hook up this weekend and just hang. But we will NOT be at anybodies beauty school! LOL I miss hanging with her, she made this job even more fun. ( I really wanted to say funner, but that is SOOO ig’nant LOL)

I have ONE more final and i’m done with this semester!! Woot Woot! Speaking of finals, I had one last night and guess what!?! I cheated!!! LOL I didn’t start out cheating, but after I’d done all I knew to do, I looked at my cell phone which I was using as a calculator, and I picked it up, hit the back button, clicked on the “e”, went to googles homepage, and googled some formulas.

He only said to put away all the paper on our desk, he didn’t say ANYTHING about electronics! LOL I’m such a heathen! Alls I know is I better ACE that test after all that, shoot!

I am STARVING!! I get so tired of eating fast food for lunch, but it’s not too much around here. I could go to the Soda Fountain, get some chilli cheese fries, haven’t had that in a while.

My coworker was out of work ALL LAST week getting his wisdom teeth pulled, so today he’s supposed to go get the stitches out of his mouth… Yall, I just want to yell at him to MAN DA FUK UP, WITH YO GROWN ASS!!! No man should be bitchin‘ and moaning about his teeth. You would think after I asked him to stop telling EVERYBODY who passes he had to have his wisdom teeth removed, he would stop talking to me about it. NO SUCH LUCK! I’m bout ready to punch him in his mouth, give him some thing complain about.

What in the da world am I going to do with all this free time I’m bout to have? hmmm

OH!!! I just finished reading EJDickey’s Genevieve for the 1st time! OMG, that book is soooo freaking good! I seriously thought I’d read all of his books, even the anthologies, so when my coworker gave it to me the read, I was about to give it back to her. I’m so glad I didn’t, this was a good book!

LOL… last weekend I woke up out a deep sleep and got a wild hair up my ass to take a pregnancy test. Whenever I buy them I always get multi-packs. So I knew I had one, went to the bathroom pissed on a stick, went back in the room laid down for a few minutes. I got back up to go read the results, I look at the stick and I see TWO lines!!! At first I got SOOO excited, was OMG, it this finally happening! lol Then I notice the brand of the test is FACTPLUS.

So I’m standing in the bathroom at 5-ishAM staring at a pissy stick trying to remember HOW IN THE HELL TO READ THE DAMN THING!! LOL I grabbed my cell phone and tried to google FACTPLUS, find the site… NO DICE… it’s one of the 2% of pages that won’t load on my phone, ugh!!! Now I’m laying in bed, trying to remember what the instructions said on the box, and I remember Ian’s at work, So I call him and 5something in the morning, and he’s like WHATS WRONG?! I tell him Nothing, but that I need him to go by the pregnancy test and see if they sell FACTPLUS! (at the time this seemed a whole lot simpler, than waiting for the computer to come on). He starts reading the brands the store has… NO FACTPLUS lol, but now he’s all excited thinking “we might be pregnant”.

Eventually I drag my ass out of the warm comfortable bed, to get the laptop, sit on the COLD leather sofa, grab the wires to connect to the Internet, only to find out that a positive test should have a + sign and a straight line in the control window. LOL Moral of the story: ALWAYS KEEP THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! CTFU

DAYUMMM is that my stomach?! Oh goodness… it’s growling so loud… I’m almost embarrassed, let me go scavenge some food!

Y’all have a GREAT Wednesday!!!


  1. Ooooo, I’mma tell on you!

    Ooooo, you was cheatin on yo test!!!! Ooooo, aint like I know who to tell!!! Oooooo, I’m so stupid!

    Girl, I ain’t mad at ya but you know what…you one brave soul for admittin it on the internet where anyone can see it and then get it back to your professor.

    Be careful!

  2. LOL@ cheating and wanting to punch your coworker in the mouth piece!!

    I think I felt a little of the excitement you and Ian felt because I was soooo hoping the two lines meant you were preggers!

  3. Girl…wisdom teeth extractions are NO punk…but I agree…he needs to man up.

    And you already know I’m disappointed in you…

    And you are Ian are both crazy, lol…and you know I was over here thinking I was about to be an auntie.

  4. awwww gurl you better than me. cheating always scared the shit outt me.

    see i’m supposed to get my wisdom teeth out next month… not gonna happen now. shit if a man can’t handle i know i can’t… though i have had 5 babies… first with no drugs..maybe i can handle it… maybe.

    gurl… i don’t know that feeling of *wanting* to get pregnant. every time i took a test wasn’t because i wanted to!!! and i would have been happy for a negative! oh well better luck next time.

  5. @Kayos… well it’s up here now!! lol but next time I shall be more careful!

    @ Mahoghany… lol, girl I do!! A straight jab!

  6. Dang Kayos beat me to it cause I was gonna say the EXACT same thing. Yep I’m a snitch! Lol I’m trying to figure out how you managed to not get caught with your slick self.

    The pregnancy test story is is so funny. I used to buy multi packs too. Lol.

    I read that genevieve book a few years back. I think that was the last one I read by him so I need to do some catching up. I think I was a little disappointed in that one though.

    Girl go get you some food before you start making ME hungry.

  7. LMAO @ cheating by accident…And yes, you’d better ace it! that would be tragic!

    I have a question.

    Where was google when I was in school?! Come to think of it, we didn’t even have cell phones when I was in school. *sigh* I’s old! LOL

    LOL @ moral of the story. U and Ian are com-med-deee!

  8. I was just reminded of my wisdom teeth removal. The surgery went well, it was all that happened after that killed me. My sinuses started actin up something serious, mysterious head pressure and all I wanted to do was sleep. I was miserable!

    I’m on the pill but still buy preggers test (yes the two pack) just in case, lol. I hope the results are in your favor!

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