I just talked to my baby sister, and got the latsest in family gossip. Normally, what she reports. i’m like oh, i figured as much.
This time, not so much… our middle sister, who’s due to have her baby any day now, is not only smoking weed, she is also smoking crack.

My head hurts, i feel like throwing up.

I have personally done so much for this girl before finally throwing my hands up, all the rest of the family looked at me like I was wrong for taking a hands off approach with her. It was “Patrrice don’t care about nobody but herself” but then she kicked them in their ass and they understood. I never thought she would go there though.

My sister is a 21 year old mother to 2, pregnant with one, and addicted to crack!


  1. OMgosh, weed and crack?? Is that poor baby gonna make it? Can they induce labor and take the baby out now before its too late? It’s probably too late. That baby is going to have soooooooooo many issues. I’ll lift her up in prayers !!!

  2. Talk about a double whammy!! Addiction is horrible, I just hate that an innocent child has to be a part of it. I wish you and your family the best during this time. Stay strong!

  3. Sorry to hear it. My sister is crazy as all outdoors, but she quits her smoking during pregnancy and than start puffying like a chimney after – that is how my mother and father always knew her ass was pregnant.


  4. We all need to come together in prayer for your sister and her children.

    Sadly, it’s all that can be done because the truth of the matter is that she has to want to get help she needs.

  5. Oh my goodness..I am so sorry.
    My face literally feel when I read this entry, and my heart is sad.
    I had someone close to be that did the same thing.

    Definitely pray because it is is powerful and changes things. Let GOD put handle this battle.

  6. Sorry to hear about your sister, I will keep her in my prayers, and hope that she can bring herself up from the destruction.

  7. damn… i don’t know what to say. i’ve never had to deal with that. well stay prayerful thats about all you can do for someone who doesn’t want any help. hope the baby won’t be affected… i’d see about maybe getting the kids till she clean herself up or something… those are just my thoughts. keep your head up sis!

  8. Oh Patrice! I am so sorry to hear about your sister. It’s a sad situation for sure. I will pray for your entire family. I know you will all need it.

  9. Whoa! Sorry to hear all of that. I just came across people that do crack within the past few years and it’s sad to see how it affects them. I hope ya sister can kick it. Good luck

  10. Patrice, I hate to hear this. All you can do is pray…I will keep you and your family in my thoughts…pray that you sister will be delivered from her demons.

  11. This breaks my heart. Her kids are going to be taken away…smh. Yeah some prayer is definitely needed here. My heart hurts for your family. Imma get Jesus on the mainline!

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