Hey yall!

I was watching The Hills finale the other night and couldn’t help but notice that there were/are no Black people in Hollywood. Is that true?! hmmm antywhoo… I just remembered something that happened the other night. Actually CAS… jogged my memory when she talked about her up-coming ski trip on her blog.

The other day Ian and I were watching t.v and a commercial came on for a resort of some kind. So Ian says: Trice, we have to go water skiing, I wanna do the kind with 2 skis and with just 1.

then he pauses.. and says

“or is it just sky”
now I’m confused b/c we were talking about ski’s or so I thought.

So I’m like ‘What?”

and he says ” if it 2 then it’s ski’s but if it’s just 1 is it just sky”

I just looked at him, waiting for him to laugh and say GOTCHA… It never came… I was WEAK laughing at him!!

He laughed with me for awhile, so I’m really laughing thinking he was playing.

Why when the laughter died down, he goes

“So Trice, Is it sky or ski?”

I don’t think I ever answered him for laughing my ass off! lol

Gotta love a man that makes you laugh until you can’t breathe! lol


  1. That’s awesome. I’m seriously laughing.out.loud. j and I just had a similar conversation last week – except it was deer/deers (you know, because more than one deer are called deers). I wanted to shoot him. It was in the context of “you know how many deers Nate has hit”. Ahhh, boys.

    Thanks for the well wishes, cross your fingers!

  2. oo girl don’t get me started on huband and they bad english. my husband is the worst. i am correcting him or pokeing fun at him all the time about how he talks. you would thinkhe was raised inthe back woods somewhere. its horrible!

  3. An ex of mine used to say test-ses. Dude. One syllable. Tests. Thanks. Gotta love it.

    Please answer him, P. You really don’t want him to ask somebody else…

  4. Him:”Are these bananas authentic like the ones you normally get?”

    Me: “What?! Fool do you mean organic? Haaaaaa, ahahahah. Woooo lawd!”

  5. LMAO!! Not him laughing with you, and then puttin the serious face back on.

    And Ms. Lee is right! Please answer him, lol.

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