The bytches who cried wolf!

first off, Let me say thank you to everyone who said a prayer for my sister/niece/family. I appreciated more than you know!

Now let me tell how for the past few days I have been getting mixed messages from baby sis. Here are her reports:

They did the drug test and they found drugs in both mom and baby. CPS is called. My sister is relaeased from the hospital, the baby has to stay.
*when i asked for specifics why the baby is staying, she says jaundice*

Then they all drop off the face of the earth, no calls no text, no pic no nothing. &ow my momma is calling my crying, b/c she dont know what to do, i finally get baby sis on the line, she crying b/c she don’t know where our sister is. Now i’m pissed b/c i’m not getting answers!!

In spite of Ian saying “Trice they grown, you dont play FBI for grown folks”. I put on my FBI hat, got the # for CPS in houston, get the number for the Worker handling the case, and the social worker at the hopistal and here’s what i discovered.

– They DID find drugs in moms system, NO CRACK just marijuana

– they DID notify CPS, but not to take the baby, but to have her sign an agreement for parenting and drug abuse classes that she’ll have to attend

– The baby DID have to stay in the hospital but NOT for drugs or jaundice. (no drugs were found in her system) THANK GOD! BUT she receiving a series of antibiotics b/c she was exposed to an STD during birth.

Baby Zanaya Tyriel will be relaeased from the hospita on the 21st.

So, I thank these ladies profusely, b/c patient confidentiality they were NOT suppose to give me that info.

I call baby sis leave a nasty mesage for her to call me. I leave anot so nasty message for my momma to call me, and I left a message on the sister in question phone, THAT I’M FUCKING HER UP WHEN I SEE HER (she knows I mean it)

baby sis, calls me back, crying talking bout she sorry, but middle sis made her promise not to tell what the real issue was! I’m livid!

They figured crack is a better story than having an std? An STD that’s not HIV/AIDS and very treatable! I want to fuck them both up!! OH! and when I was done, she’s like please don’t tell nobody! GTFOHWTS

I’m done with them for a VERY long time. They can’t get NADA from me, not even a conversation!

Again Thanks to all who said a prayer for my CLEARLY dysfunctional family. I appreciated it.
The upside is that my sister is not a crackhead and neither is the baby!


  1. Well Halleluyer that there was no crack involved. Sounds like your sisters must be as crazy as my sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. okay i thought my fam had issues.
    great to hear the baby is doin okay.
    SMH at your sisters tho.
    and PAJ,
    Don’t go killing family.
    It’s not a good look

  3. “The upside is that my sister is not a crackhead and neither is the baby!”

    Praise God!!! Gurl that right there is the most important thing…

    I know you’re mad as all hell [shew…you have every right to be] but don’t hurt nobody n’kay?

    Hope ya weekend is wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Girl, sorry you had to go through all of that…just to cover up an STD. Wow…she would rather have you believe she’s a crackhead. Glad to hear that your niece is fine.

    and you sound like me…heads would most definitely roll if anyone ever played some ish like that with me.

  5. I’m glad that the baby is okay and that you got some answers. I don’t blame you for wanting your distance from them either. Thank you for the very sweet comments you left for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thank goodness the baby is gonna be ok! Neither weed nor crack are good things but between the lesser of two evils, I’d take mary jane over that powder any day. I hope you baby sis gets on the good foot soon.

  7. OMGoodness, I’m so glad the baby is all right. You’re not the only one with dysfunction…it’s sooooo many (of us) others out here, we just all do it in our own way.

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