Moon Boots

This is what the outside or my house looked like Sunday Morning!! I kept looking out WISHING Ian would hurry home so we could go and play! LOL The snow is still a novelty for us being from the south and all.

(yes, those are pj bottoms :-p)

Do you see all those tracks? LOL We ran around the front TRYING not to fall. Hard to do in about 7 inches of snow. Next time we are going to go sledding at the elementary school where there’s a REALLY big hill! I hope we don’t break anything.

I don’t know what I was doing here… but it LOOKS like I was having fun, don’t it?!

See those boots?! I hope you all *KNOW* me well enough to know that I would NEVER in a million lifetimes make such a fashion Fauxpas! This is how I can to acquire the “moon boots”.
Last year was my 1st WINTER winter. So I was telling my coworkers how we did NOT have snow and ice in New Orleans, and how on the RARE act of GOD we did get some ice or sleet the city SHUT DOWN, PERIOD! So I came to work the next day to find this HUMONGOUS box on my desk. In it, the “Air Walk Moon Boots” along with a card that said “Something to help you get around in the snow”. It was quite the gag gift, but turned out to be pretty useful for me and Ian. lol They are so damn big, we both can fit them, they are water proof, and fleece lined. So they are now the taking out the trash boot, shoveling snow boots, and PLAYING in the snow boots! LOL

When the fun and games were done, I went inside and made a bag. It’s big enough to carry 2 magazines, a bag of cookies, and 3 or 4 small books, and my wallet… I didn’t/don’t feel like measuring the length and width. It’s made out of 1/2 yard of Genuine Faux Leather and lined in a chocolate kinda irridescent (sp?) material. I should’ve snapped a picture of that huh? Next time.

5 Days until Christmas… Are YOU done shopping?

I haven’t started LOL


  1. Hi,
    snow is your house, I still not yet experienced it, must be really cold. I am coolingstar9, merry christmas to you and all at home.

  2. GIRL, I keep forgetting about folks from the NO don’t know snow like I do. Nobelle was telling me how she just don’t go outside in that shit. I was like, “Why….ne’er mind.” LOL.

  3. Girl! You one of those folks that be runnin from snow!

    I guess it is bit of a culture shock but wait…how long have you been there? You still haven’t gotten used to it? Hmmmm…

    I love how you went out in your PJs. When we were gettin snow on the regular, I used to do the same thing. We right here!

  4. Looks like you are really enjoying all the snow! How fun! The moon boots are funny! What a great gift for you even though they are a bit dated! LOL!

    Your purse is cute too! I hope to see more of your fashions!

  5. Ohhh, I LOVE snow! Looks like you had fun.

    You’re so creative with your bag-making. I should commission you to make me something cool. đŸ™‚

  6. i hate snow. i went out saturday morning before it got bad and didn’t go back out in it till it was melting. my kids (except for the babie they stood in the door and watched)were out in it all weekend. your yard looks like mine! snow sucks and its cold. so you can have the snow.

    cute bag! and boots… HA HA

    i have a few things that i need to pick up… but i got enough to where i don’t have to worry about if i wind up no getting anything else.

  7. My seven y/o wakes up every morning in the hopes that outside of our house will look much the same.

    T.H.A.N.K G.O.D. we have yet to see any real signs of snow!!!

    I dunno who told you otherwise but ummm them moonboots is wassup [LOL]

    Beats da hell outta somebody buying you A CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT for the holidays don’t it?!?!

    My bad…I promised I wouldn’t be bitter after yesterday.

    Don’t quote me on that tho’!!!

  8. I’m workin on my 3rd winter and JUST bought me some boots. But they’re still a lil too fashionable to be practical in the wintry weather. Maybe by next winter I’ll have it all together.

    Cute bag! Who needs to shop when you can make everything! But umm, I still haven’t done any shoppin, lol.

  9. that snow can get old reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllly quick. trust me! but i’m used to it;hopefully you can get ised to it too!

    and the purse…i aint know you got down like that. that’s good stuff

  10. snow is great as long as i don’t have to go anywhere in it. I rented pirates of the carribean: at world’s end, meet the robinsons and ratatouille(sp).

  11. LOL! Too funny @ moon boots! Luv them in red!! :oD
    You know a certain little girl used to have her own in WI when she was growing up! ;op

    And the purse is FAB!! I wonder how you know how much it carries! Haha!! I am sure the lining is super cute! Nice touch!

    Gurl I only had to buy ONE gift this year! And didn’t knit nobody nothing! This was a stress free holiday! YAH!

  12. You were definitely enjoying your moonboots. I must admit I’m not a fan of snow. As for xmas shopping, I’ve been spared…lol.

  13. love the bag. The snow looks great. I have not played in the snow in years. I think I am actually finally starting to miss it……….well…………maybe NOT! I grew up in CHicago but have liived in LA for almost 9 years. I am wimp now when it comes to cold and snow.

  14. I see snow every winter and I refuse to get some moon boots lol. My snow boots are all cute and fur trimmed and stuff lol. It’s funny to me when folks aren’t used to seeing the snow. Glad you had fun.

    Oh and that bag is CUTE!! Imma learn how to sew before 08 is out. Watch me!

  15. Girl, I hope you’ve finished shopping by now! LOL@moon boots…but I bet your feet are warm. Have a great Christmas.

  16. Oooo snow…its pretty but only for the grass and to play in…not on the streets..lol

    Ya’ll had fun it seems…LOL!!

    Oh…is that my bag for christmas?? I forgot to send you my address…hol on lemme get that to you ASAP! LOL!!

  17. I need that bag! Oh and why was I in the mall at 8am on Christmas Eve. (Forgot my brother in law. Actually should have forgotten him altogether. Good for nothin’ selfish bast$rd.) Sorry. I was going to say the mall was empty and sales driven. A shopper’s dream.

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