Real Quick Story…

Last night Ian and I were sitting in the living room watching Stomp Da Yard. I’m laying on the sofa and he’s sitting on the floor in front of the sofa. Out of the corner of my eye I saw SOMETHING move!!! I jumped up screaming BUGGGGGG!!!! GET HIM!!! while pushing Ian towards the bug. LOL

(i’m a bit shamed to type out the rest of what happened, but what dahell)

So I’m pushing and pointing at the bug screaming, when I see Ian reach down and slowly grab the bug by one of it’s legs and start heading towards me with his arm outstretched. I scream NOOOOoooooooo!!!! PLEASE DON’T, PUHLEASSSSSEE DON’T IAN PLEASE, all the while standing on the sofa with gripping the blanket with fear and trembling!

All of a sudden Ian shouts at me “SILLY ASS this a piece a thread!” then he starts CTFU!!!

Once I realize it really is a piece of THREAD, I sit down and allow my heart rate to return to normal, then start laughing at myself!

LOL, I tell you it’s never a dull moment in this house… But I swear I saw it move! LOL


  1. No that was some funny stuff. But you know what I’ve been there with all the sewing, crocheting & knitting I’ve been doing.. the threads have taken on a life of their own…LMAO!!

  2. gurl it comes with age! you see something move and not a damn thing in sight. i see shit all the time nowadays. thinking i’m going crazy

  3. LMAO….and here I thought I was bad when I damn near got a rug burn back pedaling from a piece of cat fur..lmao

  4. HILARIOUS!!! I do the same thing…but I live alone so I’m sitting there stuck in a corner until I man up and check to see exactly what it is. LMAO!!

  5. Girl! Did you have your glasses on? Because that’s when I usually about when I ‘see’ all types of things crawling about, too! LOL. Happy New Year! No more string attacks in 08!! LOL

  6. LOL, I’m forever doin’ a double take at anything black in my apt.

    But I’m mad you did all the extras over some thread. Something you should know VERY well, lol.

    Great story!

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