Looking Back

I guess I started looking back last night during some serious REM sleep. I literally watched my life pass by from a little kid up until now… All I can say is there MUST be a God, b/c there is no way I’d be where I am today reasonably healthy, sane, loving, not bitter. I’ll have to share some of it someday.
Anyway, I started blogging consistently March 2007…here are a few of my favorite post from 2007.

March: Court

April: we had loads of Birthday FUN

May: I started making candles again.. (I need to start doing them again)

June: Was a busy month for me, I got goodies in the mail, started crocheting again, learned to knit, started sewing again, did some hair, and had an awesome time in Houston for a girls weekend!

July: I became an amazon affiliate and opened Paige Turners African American Bookstore, posted my best Tales from the FS Office, celebrated my Birthday,

August: Told my Katrina story, went to a cool concert,

September: I got a new tattoo, posted my 2nd favorite Tales, shared one of my deepest fears
and had a major filter problem lol

October: I went Bird Watching, shared a few of my favorite things, and got a divorce.

November: Did a post that made my Ian all misty eyed.

December: Played in the snow, did really well in school, and made my 1st wrap dress!

I’m looking forward to 2008 and all that it brings, and I wish the best for all who read my blog. I am truly grateful for all of my e-friends who read and comment on my blog.



  1. I was having some seriously weird dreams last night too – so so vivid. In one part I bought (don’t ask me how I know these details) a blue 1996 chevy blazer, and my husband was livid. So I tried to give it back and they wouldn’t take it back… it was WEIRD.

    Your birthday is 3 days after mine, I love July. 🙂

    Have a magical and safe New Year’s!

  2. Great post lady. I absolutely loved the vid of you enjoying the 2.5 cookies [LOL].

    Hope you, the hubby and your fam have a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

    Stay blessed!!! 🙂

  3. What a year, huh? I hope 2008 is full of blessings, love, prosperity & peace. For all of us. Have a great new year’s.

  4. Hey Patrice, I hope you have a wonderful New Year and THANK YOU for making me laugh uncontrollably in 2007!!!

  5. I just recently started reading you blog. Got here through Adrienne and Cas.

    I have enjoyed reading your post about your job and family life.

    I too have a brain/mouth filter that ofer malfuctions.

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