Tales from the Food Stamp Office

I wanted my 1st post of the new year to be something, positive and inspirational…. and if thats what your’re looking for click the X at the top right corner of your browser, b/c what Im about to post made my skin crawl! lol

– I heard my supervisor giggling coming down the hall saying she was so excited and a little bit scared. She’d gone on an interview a few weeks ago and I thought she may have heard some good news. I turned around and smiled and said, so wha are you so excited about?!
she leaned in really close and said “I got laid”
me: “are YOU SERIOUS”
sup: “umhmmm, for the 1st time in 8years”
me: “oh! WOW!
and she floated out of my cube

Can you say Awful Horrible Mental Image?! I can! lol
I guess we can say she “got off” to a good start this year. lmao
Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Repeat after me TMI.

    I couldn’t even imagine my boss tell me some s%*t like that.

    Then again I don’t know what’s more horrifying the mental image or know that someone hasn’t been laid in 8 years.

  2. Get the fluck out of here!!! I guess you did start off with something positive – 8 damn years, I just can’t imgaine – was it her choice? Damn.

  3. 8 yrs?! And I thought I was experiencing a drought! lol And the sad part is…I bet her celibacy was not voluntary…*smh*

    Wait! Is this Thick Girls Thursday?

    Oh lawd…I got a horrible mental image too! Thanks a lot Trice!

  4. WHOO CHILE!!!

    eight years?!?! Man, thats a long time…how was she before?? I bet she is in the best mood now!! lol

    How about my supervisor came in my office the other day and closed the door and told me she was on her monthly…Yeah, I needed that…lol

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