Tales From the FS Office

SOooo.. good folks I’m Baaaaaack! lol

I’m am feeling WAAaay better than before, I still have a nagging cough that won’t let up, but i’m gon make it! lol Big UPs to all my e-friends who emailed me to make sure I was still in the land of the living 🙂 I heart yall soooo much.

Aight… lemme tell you about my interview.

I get paged for an interview, go downstairs, and called the guy’s name. He’s this tall 6′ something 20-something black guy with an equally tall/aged friend.

Quick story about the Chic’s in the office… if a man/boy/preteen so much as blinks twice in their direction, they are 2 steps from dropping the panties and asking “how you like it daddy, from the back?!”

Anyway, I get them to the back, only ONE is applying and he’s acting like his social security number is a matter of Presidential Security. (how bout not in THIS office). Anyway, I wrangle the # from him start going through the BS of what address you want the mail to go to b/c you’re OBVIOUSLY not homeless, and his friend is trying to answer the questions for him.
(homo-thugs are not ever cute. I like gay guys like Christian from Project Runway the kind that’s REALLY like you’re bff, not the ones you have to watch out the corner of your eye when they give another man the soul-brother handshake… you know where you count to see if they hold that embrace just ONE second to long or the pat on the back is closer to the butt… wait…I was going somewhere back to my client)

As soon as I saw him I said STUDENT, Basketball PLAYER, SLU or UMSL, on a scholarship.

His name was spelled wrong in the system… he didn’t care
His drivers license was issued less than a month ago in Illinois…
He’s clean as the board of health, but homeless
He’s NEVER been in the system before he applied last month
He has NO wage information at all…

Basically he’s not my typical client. But with his friend beside him he has a story and he’s sticking to it… Fine with me. After I told the Friend, to either SHUT UP or LEAVE (he chose to shut up)I finished the interview, had him sign and generally wrapping it all up… the Friend decides to interrogate me about my rings.

Friend: (pointing at his ring finger) so how long have you been in that situation?
Me: by situation you mean marriage?
Friend: heh heh Yea
Me: 8 years next month WHY?! (yall know i’m not feeling THAT good, so yes I’m talking shit, nough to get my ass kicked lol)
Friend: damn… that was the norm in the 80’s, this 2008! So you still honoring your vows?
Me: ughh YES!
Friend: well I was just saying, cuz the devil be busy
Me: smh 8yrs… so I guess he’s not as busy as you think.
Friend: well God bless you
Me: have a good weekend

I escort them out and ALL the ladies in reception are becking for me.

I go over and they are like “what was his story”

I shook my head and walked away.

His story is the same as most ball-players… they wanna fuk without putting in ANY work, and yall are the chics that they go after.


  1. I see the illness is still affecting your brain/mouth filter, LOL. But that’s cool cause I’m counting on you to tell it like it T – I – is!

  2. hmmm sound kind of suspect!!!!why his friend doing all the talking… either he taking it up the arse or he been there before!

    glad you feeling better. and yeah the heat is on. pilot light was out… second time this winter… hope it doesn’t become an on going thing.

  3. I am glad you are feeling better chica!

    Those are some silly boys you have there. One sounds like he understands the system. The other is just his stooge. What can you do?

    Like I said before SILLY BOYS!

  4. You said about the chic’s in your office:

    if a man/boy/preteen so much as blinks twice in their direction, they are 2 steps from dropping the panties and asking “how you like it daddy, from the back?!”

    I say:
    Word…@ a muh fuggin food stamp office — Are these chic’s hard up or are they HARD UP?!?!?!

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