I am in such a foul mood…. i had to check myself this morning. I’m saying my prayers face all balled up, major attitude, (how you pray with an attitude?!) I had to apologize to Ian, I know it’s not his fault and he really cant control it. But SHIT I’m tired!!!

Soon as i get into a good sleep I start fuking coughing and choking, which wakes me up, then i cant fall asleep again b/c HE is snoring. soon as i pass the fuk out from exhaustion the damn coughing starts again. UGHHHHH!!!!

Ian has always snored, since day 1, nothing a quick jab to the ribs can’t stop. NORMALLY i push/elbow/shove him until he turns over and by the time he gets started back up i’m out, so no problem.

I just want to sleep, i was in tears this morning, b/c I want to sleep through the night.

That’s all

happy friday!


  1. Poor baby, I know how it feels not to get the sleep you need. Hopefully you are off Monday, so you can get a extra day in there.

  2. Ohhhhhh…so that’s what y’all be doing to us snorers is it?!?!

    **Makin’ a mental note to let my man know I’m onto his game when I get home this evening**

    Sorry to read you had a rough nite :-(. Thankfully, it’s the weekend so…assuming you don’t have to work, hopefully you’ll be able to catch up on your rest over the next couple of days.

    Chin up sistah gurl. It’s gone get better!! 🙂

  3. aww. i hope you feel better…. go get you some Delsum. that shit works GRRRRRRRREAT! you only take it 2 times a fay. so make sure you take it right before bed. get you some sleep!

  4. Girl I can really relate to this cause the hubby snores SO loud sometimes. I used to have to go to sleep before he did in order to fall asleep. When I was pregnant with the baby that mess used to drive me CRAZY. I used to want to suffocate his butt.

    I’ve gotten used to it but sometimes if he is really tired and snoring bad I just grab my little ol trusty earplugs. Works like a charm.

    I’m sorry you’re still sick. I hope you get some rest and get better soon chica.

  5. awww
    take some pills and call it a night. Don’t be elbowing folk while they ‘sleep. How the hell does he put up wit ur crazy ass?I woulda kicked u out the damn bed.

  6. Ugh. Snoring husbands are the WORST thing at 3am. I have a pillow to put over my head specifically for that purpose. Hope this week is better for you!

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