Punk Ass Men (TFTFSO)

What’s up people?!

Let me tell you about the punk ass males on my team. There is one guy I always complain about MAM (mouth all mighty) he’s always calling in blaming it on his kids and when he’s here he still doesn’t do his work. So his clients are ALWAYS walking in on him, calling the supervisor and shit. We have the walk-in schedule that pairs us up with a buddy. Basically if your buddy is out then you have to answer when reception pages for that person. Everybody on my team has gotten fuked being MAM’s walk-in, which brings us to the punk ass move of the day.

This month SLM (Strange Little Man) was MAM’s walk-in buddy. Yesterday MAM let SLM know he would be out today b/c his daughter would be sick. Yes I said his daughter WOULD be sick. (How he knows that a day in advance just kills me). Also keep in mind, our supervisor hasn’t been in the office since Tuesday afternoon, my walk-in buddy is out having surgery and has been out all week, and another girl in my group is out for training for 2 solid weeks. So basically it’s been a pretty fucked up week AND we have a winter storm in the area.

Well SLM shows up today, host the monthly luncheon and the very 1st time they page for MAM, SLM has our alternate supervisor sign a leave slip and leaves for the day!

Now tell me if that ain’t a bitch move!


  1. Thought you wasn’t gone blog at work. HA, HA. I totally understand you. On the top ten list of things I hate most in the world is BITCHES, and I ain’t talking about women either. Ugggh, can I pimp slap one please.

  2. Girl you are too funny! I’ve actually been waiting to hear your latest story and this is a good one. What are people thinking? I hope work improves for you tomorrow!

  3. Right before I read the last line, I said, well ain’t that a bitch! lol I sure wouldn’t let that slide. I can put up with A LOT of stuff at work but that’s some bull if I ever heard.

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