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How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

For all my Missouri readers, tomorrow is Super Tuesday, so make sure you take your asses to the polls and vote! I don’t care who you vote for or your reason for doing so, but alot of people have sacrificed so that we have a right to participate in the democratic process! *Stepping off my soapbox*

Guess what?!

I did not see a single solitary minute of the superbowl pre-game, during game, post-game activities. Know what else? I’m so content with that. lol

I have pictures to post! I know, it’s been a HOT minute since I posted pics on here. But Have no fear, They will be up manana at the latest.

I went to a party/seminar sunday evening, “14 ways to love yourself”. It was a nice gathering. I made some gift baskets for door prizes. I walked away with quite a few new contacts, had a good time, won a door prize (sometimes it pays to be the last one in) then brought my ass home.

I made a sundress this weekend… I’m trying to hurry Spring along!! lol I’m so sick of winter.

One of my gf’s sent me an evite for a b-day party on the 9th IN houston. I’m a little pissed, I mea dayum can a sister get more 4 days notice?

ummmm…. I bought the New Kirk Franklin disc. I like it. He has a lot of head bobbing tracks on it. I’ve always been a big KF fan. To me his ministry of music is what my generation needs. My granddaddy being a Southern Baptist preacher, I’ve sat through my fair share of negro spirituals! Toe tapping hand clapping, yup alla that jazz. I have an appreciation for the old hymnals… but i have to be in a MOOD to hear them. Gospel music is in my top 3 music genres.

Anyway, Hope your Monday is going good!


  1. Oh SUGAR…Am I actually first?!?!

    Girl…I am —>RIGHT HERE<--- with you on your thoughts about the Super Bowl. Say it with me: I.D.G.A. [flying] F bout no football!!! Didn’t that feel GrrEAT?!?!

    Lookin’ forward to checkin’ out those photos…

    Hasta Manana 🙂

  2. Although I took a sick day, I will definitely get out later to vote. DH had a football gathering at the house Sunday and I stayed long enough to see A.licia Keys sing and made me a plate of food and took myself upstairs after that. I’m totally digging KF’s new CD. Looking forward to your FO.

  3. Well…you know how my weekend was…if not go read ;op

    And yeah I only read blogs with pics! LOL Haha! It helps with my slight ADD :oD

    I need to check out that Kirk CD

  4. Well, I only watched some of the first half and the last 2 minutes. Chile, THE WIRE was on and I was NOT going to miss it. I had to see Omar and I am glad I did – who knew he could fly!

  5. Well just to get you off my case I VOTED! LMAO! I almost forgot.

    I didn’t watch a single minute of the game. I never do unless I am invited to a Super Bowl Party. I wasn’t and I am fine with it.

    I updated my blog (finally!) and I understand about the photos. It’s a lot of work if you ask me sometimes. Or maybe I just need to get off my tushie!

    Hang in there!

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