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As promised, PICS

This post should be very good for all those like Stacey with Blogger ADD

Husbands make good seam rippers 😉 lol I’m sorry but if you come in my work space, you will get put to work!!

Some candles Ian made for the house (Honeysuckle)

Never leave men unattended with your camera, or you’ll find unflattering pics of yourself.
Oh! I ended up saying screw it and picked my hair all the way out and we left for dinner. Later that night Ian told me I am not allowed to wear the Angela Davis (a little black history for those who don’t know who she is ) ‘fro out, b/c I was being mean to the pink people. I think he was exaggerating. I’m saying, don’t bring me a drink with no straw AND not come back for 10mins. Any waitress (regardless of the ‘fro) was getting major attitude!

These are the baskets I made for my friend Kinya’s seminar. Each basket had 2 candles, 1 bath salt, 1 sugar scrub, and 1 bar of shea butter and chamomile soap. All made by moi’
I did Lavendar, Vanilla Hazelnut, and Wild Raspberry.

And that’s all folks. I hope everyone got out and cast their ballots. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I know that’s right! Put him to work if he is in your space! LOL! You have a good one.

    I like your baskets. Really nice. You must share how to make bath salts.

    Your fro was rockin’!

    Have A Good One!

  2. Wow, paj! You are so talented. Those baskets are really beautiful and I want to get some…

    Your hair has grown so much. I hope mine does too.

    And Ian is way too funny for words. 🙂

  3. I agree with Ms. Sula…Those are some beautiful baskets indeed!!!

    Question: Why no photos of you twisting Ian’s arm to get him to help out?? [LOL]

    If that’s not the case then have your people contact my people cuz my man sure could use some training in that area.

  4. ‘ppreciate the pictoral blog post! LOL ;op Haha!

    Gurl I am SO behind on my reads! Ugh!

    I bet you Ian won’t hang too long in your work space again! LOL
    But glad he told you not to get Angela on folks! Haha!

    Mmmh “shea butter and chamomile soap”

  5. damn gurl! you were working it out. you’ll have to send you soap making vibe my way. i have all the stuff to do it but no nerve!

    my hubby doesn’t get to help. i’m afraid he will mess it up. that is the only thing i am anal about. i’ll be staring at him the whole time and don’t get nothing done cause i’m trying to make sure he don’t muck it up!!

  6. Lol @ the pic of Ian…I was wondering what he was doing. And I see he’s putting in on the candle making too…teamwork!

    Mmmm, Vanilla Hazelnut, my two favorite scents combined.

    We don’t vote until March 4th here in the Lone Star state, I’m excited…usually the race is already won before we have our primary.

  7. I love the baskets. They make the best gifts.

    Girl the hubby has so many unflattering pics of me it’s ridiculous.

  8. I saw a play last year called da kink in my hair and it featured stories from women and how black fashion had changed through the years. It was the first time I had seen the Angela Davis look in a while. LOL!

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