My First Love & Heartbreak

Lemme tell you the story about my first love and subsequent heartbreak.

It was Sciscilly 1932… lol Ok it was more like New Orleans 1985 but whose counting.

I remember the day my mom picked my up from school and when she read the note to me (of course I couldn’t read yet I was only 5) I became overjoyed!!!

In five days I would be taking pictures WITH the man I LOVED!!! Yup, that’s right I was IN LOVE with Micheal Jackson, big nose jeri-curl dripping, red leather jacket with a million and three zippers, and do NOT forget the sequined glove.

For the next 5 days, ALL I talked about was meeting MJ and taking pictures with him. And when I say I talked, I mean that. This may have been around the time that my family started singing “motormouth motormouth PLEASE shut-up” to me. Which still brings back some awful horrible memories… I mean WHO does that to a kid?!

Anyway, I remember the morning of the pictures, my mom got me up, fed me breakfast, combed my hair, and we went to school. I remember all the kids in my class were excited. The teacher, her name was Ms. Dejean (pronounced day-jawn) she led us all to the auditorium, as we all walked in our mandatory hand-holding line with one finger on our lip. I remember we came in through the back.

As we came around to the front I see that theirs this life size picture of MY Micheal Jackson in in front of a black back drop. I remember asking Ms. Dejean, “when is Michael coming?!” Imagine my surprise and horror, when she explained to me, that we were taking a picture with a PICTURE of Micheal Jackson!

I immediately started BAWLING. I’m talking front of my shirt SOAKED with tears. Ms. Dejean made me take the picture, and then had to call my momma to come get me b/c I was inconsolable. I remember getting home and my momma and grandma laughing AT me, because I didn’t find a DAYUM thing funny.

When the pictures came back, when did I have the saddest face EVER photographed? Adnd what was that thing in my eye? OH! Yea that would be big fat tear ready to spill over onto my cheek.

So, yall Mr. Jackson was my 1st love and 1st heartbreak. I mean why didn’t he COME! I was waiting to see him? I wanted to touch his glove!!

lol hehe I’m okay now, but I’ll NEVER forget that LOL

Happy Valentines Day


  1. ok i’m not gonna lie… you had me over here crackin up!!! see i never liked Michael so i don’t feel your pain but dayum they did you dirty fo real!! lol dayum that was a awesome story… don’t tell it to no one else!!!! i wanna see that picture though!

  2. Why would they do that to a kid? A picture of a friggin picture??? Girl, I would’ve been crying, too (if it was a picture of a picture with Prince, that is, lol).

  3. This story would have been so much funnier had you posted that busted up picture of you with a picture of the gloved one.

    I call FOUL as I LMAO. DAYUM girl, I got half on your therapy.

  4. Ummm, you forgot to post the picture of you with the picture. I feel your pain, but I want to see it too. I know I ain’t right, but we want the picture. LOL!

  5. I remember you mentioning this. It’s funny as HECK, but also very sad. You would think some grown ASS people would have more sense than to do that to some little bitty kids. Poor Patrice. You’re gonna have to post that pic. I bet its adorable.

  6. Alright Sophia, lol.

    Lmao! This is my second time reading this story…still funny as the first…

    Girl! First off, what kinda school has their students take a picture of a cardboard man?

    And I have to let you know that I planned on becoming Mrs. Michael Jackson until Prince stole my heart. LOL, this is TOO funny!

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