Conversations w/ my daddy

Happy Friday!
I was on the way home from work today and decided to call my daddy. We’re talking doing the normal catch-up kind of conversations, nothing big. When I asked what he was doing. I knew he was doing SOMETHING because of the lack of shit talking coming from his end.

He said he was trying to light a water heater (he’s does maintenance for an apartment complex) but he couldn’t get it to light. When he said that I said jokingly “don’t blow yourself up” to which he responds laughing “Do you remember when I blew YOU up?!”


he’s STILL laughing and tells me a story I’m sooo glad I do not remember.

Like to hear it? Here it goes..

He says when I was about 4 y/o I would follow him around everywhere, he says everytime he took a step I was right underfoot. Anyway, he was lighting a water heater and I was standing right by him looking over his shoulder. He says, he couldn’t get the thing to light, so he put the matches down to read the directions again when all of a sudden he heard WHOOSH and saw flames shooting out of the water heater that was right in front of our face.

He said the flames jumped out and burned all the hair off his face and the frt edge of his hairline and burned my eyebrows and the baby hair off my face, apparently we couldn’t move fast enough.

He says that after my momma realized we were okay she FELL OUT LAUGHING (do you notice a pattern). Now I don’t recall this happening, but now that i’m aware, i’m positive that my parents were UNFIT! lol

And this just might be the reason my eyebrows don’t ever grow in thick!! hmph

Oh! and please know he relayed this whole story while LAUGHING.

Am I too old to file a child abuse claim?!

Just asking.. lol

Have a good weekend.


  1. Well don’t let them watch your kids! LOL! It’s funny the things are parents will admit to doing to us when we were young. Sometimes we don’t know how lucky we were.

    This also reminds me of a story I have where I almost blew myself up. Only I was grown! LOL!

  2. Huh, sometimes I’m positive my parents were unfit. My mom NEVER saved my immunization records or claimed she couldn’t find them. When, in actuality she believed that the more medicine we got, the better. Therefore, whenever someone asked for this records, I had to get ALL NEW SHOTS!


  3. THAT iz FUNNY azz HECK! Well – u can honestly say YOU’ve been thru the fiyah witCho Daddy! LOL! I’m just glad U were fine & all u lost were a few brows;-).

    Hey Sistah Patrice. I’ve seent ya around several comment areas but just realized u’re in STL (i can be slow sometimes:-). Of course, being my first time there next weekend I’m hoping to meet as many bloggers as possible;-). Come thru if ya can: BDbk event.

  4. Why does that remind me of that scene in The Color Purple with Mister?? Too bad you & Daddy didn’t move as fast as Celie, lol.

  5. thats me. i will laugh at you in a minute!!! i laugh at my 2yp and she looked at me and said “no funny!” that just made it worse. i’ve been this way my whole life… guess i will always be this way. glad to see its not just me!!! don’t call DFS on them its natural!!!

  6. Ha Ha HA!!!!It is a little to late to file charges!!!And you say he was laughing the whole time he was telling you that story?Ha ha!!!
    That cartoon is so cute!!

  7. This is hilarious! LOL @ your parents being unfit…glad to see you made it through unharmed…and that stick man image is too funny, so fitting.

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