Bag Lady

I was tagged by Neosewmama to show what was in my bag. I’m a little embarrassed at all the ish I was carrying today, but oh well here goes.. LOL

The bag.. something I sewed up really quick one weekend to tote shit around in.
They delivered my Girl Scout Cookies today πŸ™‚

another 4×2 ribbed knit hat…. this one is for Ian

My pouch of the moment… and what came out of it πŸ™‚ (Gum, bandaid, antibacterial wipes, tissue, business card holder, ID holder, receipt, Mango papaya lip balm, strawberry lip balm, burt’s bee honey lip balm)

Keys, work badge, Tootsie Pop

Allure Magazine … library book (I found a tin full of beads)

Tent Cards (I don’t know why)

Audio book

Notebook and pen.


The toy that was in my lunch


  1. YAY!!!! LMBO
    Thanks for doing it…girl you rock!
    Your bag looks like mine looked about a week ago lol.
    I almost always have a piece of fruit and some sort of book or magazine. I usually have quite a few receipts too.
    We’ll have to do this every once in awhile so I can get caught slippin lol.
    I’m adding you to my blog roll. Not sure what took me so long πŸ™‚

    Sorry for the book in your comments.

  2. Better you than me…

    All my bag contains is unopened bills, multiple tubes of lip chap and one too many wads of TP.

    Wait…did I just type that??

    [That’s waaaaayyy too much information!!]


  3. Damn girl, do you have an issue with crusty lips? I’m laughing because I keep chapstick everywhere.

    I’m hatin’ on the girl scout cookies, cause I don’t have mine yet. They will be here tomorrow, but I won’t.

    Alright dish, what book are you listen to?

  4. That’s nothing compared to mine. You do have lots of chapstick! I carry a pouch of lipstick but mine are in different colors I wear.

    I listen to audiobooks too. I like suspense and mystery. What do you enjoy?

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