Weekend Update.

Good Morning!

I had a good time at the fair, it was a learning experience and I did well $$ wise. I met a lot of fair “veterans” and my neighbors were the sweetest people. According to the Vets, I was well prepared and my display was VERY nice! That made me smile, because I worked VERY hard to get ready for this fair. I did NOT sell out, but it was slow. I think the nice spring weather kept people away (I heard the parks and zoo were PACKED this weekend). I will do another show and I had a great time doing this one!

Check out the slideshow (I didn’t take a lot of pics but I did a LOT of talking!!! LOL)
Also note the Paypal Storefront, You can get your hands on some Boutique Patrice remnants from the fair! 🙂

Have a Great Monday!


  1. What a nice arrangement you have there. Very neat and organized. I am glad you did well! I hope you continue the craft fairs!

  2. Glad to read you had a pretty god turnout @ the fair!!! [Not that I doubted for a second you would :-)]

    I agree with the vets…VERY NICE DISPLAY.

    LOL @ the pic of dude in an apron. Looks like fun times.

  3. Congrats!
    with ur craft producing, candle making, bath salt conjuring ass
    dude with the apron needs to go sit his ass down somewhere

  4. Yay
    Glad all went well. Looking forward to doing one before this year is up. I’ll have to get some tips from you ms lady 🙂

  5. Hello this is my first time on your site, I’m wondering what type of scents(candels) do you have, and are your candels made of soy? Also CONGRATULATIONS on the fair!!!

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