I’m putting it here to keep from cussing folks TFTFSO

I am THISCLOSE to cussing some folks out. Since it’s not wuite time for me to put my 2 weeks in and bounce, i’m going to let it out here. If you are senstive to vulgar language Click the gotdaymn X in the top right corner. .

you’ve been warned

* First of all, this morning I had a hearing that lasted E muthafucking hours. Ask me what this bitch was disputing? This bastard grown ass punk ass man, said and i fuking quote “his feelings were hurt when – reduced his foodstamps”. Ummm you’re a grown ass fuking man, FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!! now that thats out the way, his food stamps were reduced because his ass is trying to get credit for paying rent on a house that HE OWNS!! How bout NO Go fuck yourself!! He claims his momma bought the house for him, then but the house in his name and now he’s paying her back. FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOMMA thats a personal loan. Ride off into the sunset in your BRAND NEW 08 Carolla. Bitch ass punk ass man

** I’ve been biting my tongue on this for more than a month…. I’ve bitched about the walk in schedule before because it sucks MONKEY NUTS! I have been the walk in worker for K since January 15th. That was 8 EIGHT VIII OCHO weeks ago. 8 weeks! Since the walkin schedule changed, K has been out of work for 7 SEVEN VII SIETE MUTHAFUCKING WEEKS!!! give or take 4 days. What was supposed to be a 2 week medical leave has stretched out for 7 SEVEN WEEKS!!!I’m not mad with K but i am furious with my sup. At WHAT point do you the supervisor, take action and rotate the walkin schedule, give a bitch a break? How bout pull rank and have her caseload broken up? too drastic?! How bout you just have her load froze so she cant get any new clients? too simple?!

I’ve asked her to change the walkin schedule (which is suppose to change every 4 weeks in the first got dayum place) and the shit hasn’t changed yet. I’m seeing on average 4 of her clients a day. I have my own shit to do.
I have half a mind to call in, but then i’d be just as fuking bad as the rest of them and putting my walk in person out. YET I’m not a team player. TEAM PLAY AND KISS MY MUTHAFUKING ASS!

And to top it all off I’ve been bleeding for 4 weeks.


*this ends this rant, maybe tomorrow i’ll be sunshine and rainbows, tread lightly just in fuking case*


  1. My Friend: do not suffer in silence in the mfing fso…..I am at your service!! Please be a team player but only if it’s my team. Namaste,

  2. His feelings were hurt?! bwahahahahahahahaha

    Your boss sucks! Honey you are better than me, cause I would have called in sick (read mental health break),for several days, a long time ago. Sometimes you gotta show folks that fat meat is greasy. πŸ™‚

  3. DAYUM!!! I am so happy you vented here, because I think someone was about to break out a can of whip ass.

    Enough said…um, I think I am going to tread lightly….like i was warned.

  4. fuck all that other shit… why have you been bleeding for 4 wks and have you been to the doctor yet?

  5. Please say you have taken your ass to the doctor. All this stress is NOT going to help things in that area.

  6. Go to the doctor! Bleeding for weeks is not good. You need to go have yourself checked out.

    I am sorry to hear about your job. But mama always said what? “There are going to be days like this”. Hang in there or take a mental health break. Sounds like you need to take one anyway. Especially with the stress you are holding on to for so long. It’s not helping you physically.

    Go to the doctor!

  7. Been bleedin’ too… and you abso-fucking-ly have the motherfuckin’ right to be upset…

    Those effers DO take advantage… dammit!

    (I guess I needed to rant to, lol)

  8. Maybe…just maybe the reason she hasn’t lightened your load just yet is because you are the best @ your job…

    No?? You mean you’re not buying it??

    Okay well I had to try to bring a lil’ sunshine to ya day. πŸ™‚

    Hope tomorrow is much better for you!!

    SMH @ the fool whose feelin’s were hurt behind some bullshyt. He’s a grown @ss mess indeed…

  9. Girl, pour a big bowl of Lucky Charms & rainbow & charm yourself out of this mess. Don’t you hate days like that?? Hope today is better for you!

  10. Wow…monkey nuts…

    And next time, let him know that my feelings are hurt because his grown biatch azz is receiving foodstamps.

  11. “Fuck you and your momma”

    OMG, I’m dying!!!

    And if he has an ’08 Corolla, why is he on food stamps?? Please please please tell me he wasn’t a brotha…

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