Blogger is straight TRIPPIN’

or maybe it’s my computer, but until I figure it out it’s bloggers fault.

I finally uploaded my pics only to find the “add image” button is missing (along with some others).

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend.
We didn’t do too much. It snowed off and on Sunday so we stayed in and watched t.v.

I made my BEST pair of pants YET!! I’m so proud. Soon as the computer behaves I’ll show yall the INSIDE. I have NEVER shown the inside/construction of anything I’ve sewn. And for good reason lol. I told myself awhile ago, I want to make Erica B quality clothes and while I’m not all the way there, dammit I’m getting closer. 🙂 lol

Next post will have pictures.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Yea, Blogger has a way of trippin’ delightfully fantastic sometimes.

    Just so you know, there is at least two “in your pants” jokes that bubbled in the course of reading your post. I will not sully your good graces by saying there here. This is a classy establishment.

    (Psst…check your email)(kidding… maybe)

  2. Yeah [LOL]
    I’ve got a beef with blogger too…

    Only in my case, my comments are taking turns having their lil’ disappearing acts *SIGH*

    Hope you’re still gonna post pics though. I wanna see them pants gurl!!! :-).

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