I’m reading Other People’s Skin by Tracy Price-Thompson & TaRessa Stovall. I’m on page 26 and HAD to stop and share with you the story of “lynching” I’ve heard the tales of my Great grandparents and grandparents during my visits to Logansport, La (small town outside of Shreveport, La) BUT i’ve never heard the story of Willie Lynch. Call it a late Black History tidbit.

Now here is the excerpt from the book:

“It’s not enough to whip and chain their bodies. You’ve go to whip and chain their hearts and minds. Then their bodies wiull stay right where they are, content to serve you. All you have to do is get them to fighting among themselves. Take one group and treat it better the the others. Turn them against each other. Young against old, male against female. light against dark. Tell them the one with straighter hair are better than the ones with curlier hair and so on. Break up their families. Sell children away from their mothers, husbands against wives, sisters away from brothers. Break the men down. Make them watch you rape their women, fill them with their seed, have your babies. When the men get riled up, kill one or two as an example. I guarantee you, the others will back right down.”

Now doesn’t this sound just like YOUR TOWN, USA circa 2008? As much as things change, some things have STILL remained the same.

~~~ Happy Hump Day—


  1. Damn…That is more on point than a lil bit….

    We’ve got to wake up PEOPLE…WAKE DA HELL UP!!!

  2. It’s a sad bit of history for sure. Young kids should read this to understand we still need to work on things getting better.

  3. Yeah. Heard of Willie Lynch in class before, many moons ago.

    But you know what, for some reason we believe we have come up and forgot were we came from.

  4. Things change…yet stay the same.
    We really need to stop looking at each other as the enemy.
    Slavery is a state of mind…

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