Simplicity 4135

Capri’s View D with an added cuff at the bottom

Inside… Check out the fly tab!! My 1st ever!!

I don’t have a serger BUT from here on out EVERYTHING will be edge stitched! Doesn’t it look neat and clean?!

Zipper put in completely by machine (I JUST located the zipper foot that went missing with the manual months ago)

Front all closed up. While they aren’t PERFECT, please know that the construction has NEVER been this polished, and got darn it you better watch your eyes b/c I’m certainly sticking my chest out with these. LOL


  1. Cute! Really CUTE! Look at you with the plaid fly tab! I am proud of you! You are going to be rockin’ this summer gurl!

    Keep up the good work! I love how you found a way to substitute a serger. They look good inside out!

  2. lol@ watching your eyes.

    Can I get a chocolate brown pair? Actually I think I want them bermuda style with a 15″ inseam…oh, am I pushing it? lol

  3. Too Cute. I love the color. I love the plaid on the inside. That’s so cute. You are just so flipping talented.

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