Happy Birthday Ian

Happy Birthday Ian!!

I love you much and wish you MANY MANY more happy birthday’s!
This year I got him something he’s been wanting for a VERY long time… Now he can work out sans wires, sans mp3 player, with stereo quality sound all from his cellular phone! I wish I was taping his reaction, he was SOOO happy.
Motorola S9
I listened to some music through them and was THISCLOSE to going buy me a set 🙂 lol

I’ll leave you with a quick look back

Birthday 2007

And Birthday 2006… when you watch this video you will quickly see why he almost missed out on Birthday 2007. lol

**** direct quote from Ian****

“Thanks for all the birthday wishes and Aries are the shit”

**** end quote ****


  1. Girl I got an Aries man too. Guess what, this year he ruined his birthdays for the rest of his life with me.

    Tell Ian Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ian! He’d just had a long day at work and didn’t have the strength to jump for joy. But, sounds like you hit the nail on the head this year!

  3. I was holding my sides!

    You guys are just too cute. And that Motorola headset looks really banging.

    And yes, Aries are the shit!


  4. Y’all betta cut that man some slack…

    Shiiiid it’s hard for most of us to show any signs of enthusiasm/joy after working a single 8 hours so I kinda sorta was sympathizing with Ian til’ he started worrying bout how long the chain was. [LOL]

    Glad to hear he was much more excited about this years gift. I dunno about that “Aries are the shyt part” but ummm us Aquarius sure are. 🙂

    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. OOoh! I want a set! :o)

    My friend has those and luvs them!

    Yep Aries are DA BOMB!! :o)

    Many more Ian!

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