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Hair & New Orleans Outfits

My hair is kind of asymmetrical. I LOVE it!

It’s a done deal.. Finished sewing… finished packing… just waiting on Tuesday/Wednesday to get on the road…

Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. ok… i’ll be looking for you on tuesday/wednesday to pick me up!! cute outfits… love the hair!

  2. Project Runway need a chick like you! Make it and model it yourself. I’d watch that season errday it comes on. Your fits are tight, you and your clothes are Beautiful! Your husband is a lucky man.

  3. Yes, yes, we know you have fly hair, o.k. already. JK do the dam thang, gurl. I really like the plaid top and the fit with the red pants. Have fun!

  4. @ anonymous…. Yes i’m natural, but the hair you see in the pic is not my handiwork… i WISH I could get it as straight as my stylist..

    But the key for me is REALLY small sections, a chi iron, and either Biosilk, Olive oil, or garnier fructis glosser.

    and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Girl you are rockin’! Your outfits are too cute! I hope you have a great time in Nawlins’!

    How far is Nawlin’s from Houston? Maybe I can drop by this weekend!

  6. I already told you I like the outfits…

    So now let me tell you…

    Your hair looks good. Scared of you miss thang. *snaps*

  7. Happy Berfday Stacey!!

    I love the hairstyle and the outfits!
    *in my RuPaul voice*

    You betta work!

    *snaps fangas in Z formation*

  8. I’mma need you NOT to be flossin’ in tank tops and open toes Missy…

    Shew…dontchu know the weather in NY is only in the upper 40’s??


    j/k [LOL]

    You look great girl!!! Love the hair and the outfits.

    Hope you have a GrrEAT trip!!! 🙂

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