Day 1 Pic heavy

The best daquiri shop in New Orleans…. ….. MENU

At the DRIVETHRU!!!! That’s right folks Drive thru daquiri’s. Was my savior when I was an underaged drinker 🙂 lol

Bayou Broccoli and Paneed chicken with Shrimp & Tasso Pasta

Stuffed Shrimp in spicy Tasso sauce with mashed potatoes and a buttery copeland’s biscuit Copeland’s Sweet Fire & Ice

Not everything is in dis-repair

me Steph and trina @ my old office 🙂


Where Ian grew up (the home is still in the family)

ummm not really the same


Playing nice

Ms. Kim(not really her name) pours it on thick!!

Ahhh!!! a REAL sno-ball Take that Shaved Ice!!!

Aint he cute!


  1. How dare you post pics of all that amazing-looking food while I sit here with my mouth watering… 🙂 Hope you’re having fun!

  2. Drive thru Daquiri’s?!?! Now that’s wassup!!! Wouldn’t mind having one of those sno-balls either….[a red one would be preferable] LOL

    Looks like you and the hubby are off to a GrrEAT start!! 🙂 Hope you both enjoy!!

  3. That sno-ball looks good as all get out!! lol I must add that I’m quite jealous of the drive through daquiri shop!

    Looks like you two lovebirds are having a blast!

  4. guess what it is doing up here??? yep raining… again… well not today but it did yesterday and its supposed to be cold this weekend BOO!! i hate you… (no i don’t.. just hatin!)
    drive thru daiquiri’s!!! i have seen it all!

  5. Drive thru daquiris? Is that even legal? In a huge super sized plastic cup no less. Wow. New Orleans is where all of my people are from and I’ve never been there. I think I’m ready now.

  6. Drive thru Daquiris?!??! We SOOO need one of those in MD, bump a drive thru liquor store!!

    That food looked DEELISH!!!

    Fun times in the N.O.!!

  7. Drive through Daiquiris…TX finally caught on to this one, lol. Kinda interesting, considering you are discouraged to drink and drive.
    190 Octane…mmm, hmm…I see ya Ian, lol.

    I have never been to Sweet Fire & Ice…guess that gives me one more reason to visit The Big Easy.

    I love me some New Orleans sno balls, there is a man here that is originally from New Orleans that opened up a stand…it’s packed beginning this time of year…might need to make a trip over there…that’s the only way you will get me to drink a Hurricane, lol.

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