Day 2

My friend Kay… she’s due in October, i’ve already gave the baby a nickname lol

whooohooo Goody Goody! We spotted The TRUCK and I got these! mmmhmmm good 🙂

How is this acceptable?! After 3yrs, I mean COME ON!! (homeless sleeping in tents under the bridge at Canal and Claiborne)

The house I grew up in… which was DIRECTLY around the corner from my high school.

Alfred Lawless Sr High 3yrs later…. 🙁 This was THE ONLY (THE BEST) High School in the Lower 9th ward… yes I’m bias.

My grandmothers house (she lives 3 blocks from the levee’s in the lower 9th ward)

Me and my Grandma!!! Doesn’t she look good for 75 🙂

Mr. Dan, one of the men working on my grandma’s house

Cabinets are going up!! Yall would be proud of me… I only choked up twice 🙂

The BEST chinese food on EARTH! Look at that egg roll

Broccoli and Shrimp with Double Shrimp Fried Rice

one of the many many places to get good seafood

Benadryl for me, b/c i’m allergic to the stuff they boil the seafood in LOL I WILL NOT BE STOPPED

YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY (kim, do you see that turkey neck?)

So freakin’ GOOD!!!


  1. OMG!!! That food looks sooo good!!!

    I would’ve choked up more than that I’m not even from there…so yes, I’m proud of you!!!

  2. I am so glad I am in Houston so I can get some decent seafood! You are making me hungry and I already ate today. I will find myself another good cajun restaurant and eat my little heart out! Watch out gurl!

    Your grandma looks great! I am glad you get to spend time with her! Ian looks very happy with his food! I wish I was there with you two!

    The rebuilding is going slowly but I am glad to see some progress for your grandma. I know that feels really good. Is this the grandma with the seafood dressing?

    Have Fun!

  3. No!!!

    Your grandmother does not look good for 75.

    Sheit…She looks GrrrrrEAT for 75!!!

    [Get it right!!!]

    And I’mma need you to stop with all this chewy gooey goodness you keep posting…

    Since you been gone I done already put on 2 1/2 pounds and I ain’t even on the trip wit’cha!!!

  4. Gurl I have had some computer issues the last 3 days and finally bought an external hard drive last night!

    So I am catching up on your vacay journal!! :o)

    You are eating good!! And lookin’ good in your outfits!

    Glad you are having a great time!!!

    BTW – you make a sistah want to get back on her homeless knit hats for N.O.!!!!! Laawd they are gonna get them one day! Haha!

  5. Look at all the food goodies!! Yum Yum!!

    Your grandmama looks wonderful for her age. I hope we can all look that fabulous @ 75!

    Looking forward to more pics!

  6. You and my mom’s best friend…she does the same thing…I think she is allergic to seafood period, but that will not stop her…she downs Benadryl like it’s an appetizer, lol. I so want to go to a crawfish boil now.

    The pic of the home you grew up in wow…and your HS, and Grandmother’s home…glad she is able to rebuild.
    The people living in tents under the canal bridge…there is no excuse. Glad you only choked up twice…I am sitting here about to choke up myself, and I am only looking at pics.

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