Day 3 & 4

Jackson Square

French Market….still in reconstruction

He was playing a BUDLIGHT LONGNECK!! Don’ t mess with him! lol

This man has been PREACHIN’ the gospel on various corners of Canal Street for YEARS!!!

Crawfish Pies

Beignet’s from Cafe Du Monde (Cas… you gotta sit DOWN and eat them lol)

See… still playing nice

Fabric from Gram’s 🙂

What’s a trip home without a ticket lol

Hot Sausage on French DRESSED no tomato

My HS BFF and her 7mo old son “Duece”

Kia and Kya (one of them said… “i got my hip on my hand” LOL)

Ian and the girls playing Numbers! lol

Me and Cille… (Can yall see I was tired)

Me and Meka… she is CRAZY as hell and THATS why she’s my girl 🙂

Food from Lamberts Cafe “Home of the Throwed Roll” (in Sikeston, MO on the way home)

And he young man who walked around Throwing the rolls.

And folks that is all…. We had fun, ate waaay too much, brung home even more. I got to see family and close friends and enjoyed wonderful WEATHER.
Carm… I tried to bring the warm weather back… it didn’t work 🙁

Tomorrow back to the real world….hmmm


  1. More food! Looks yummy. I ate at Lambert’s once when I was in MO for a work trip. It was gooooood. Glad you had a fun trip! They always go so fast!

  2. STOP STOP SHOWING ME ALL THAT FOOD!! All that food looks good!!
    Looks like you are still having a good time!!

  3. Hey Lady 🙂
    The trip looked like so much fun. I would have loved to be a passenger on this road trip.

    Thanks so much for the comment…love ya girl! I’ll have to email you my personal info so we can connect.

  4. LOL @ don’t mess with him!

    OOh! What’s in the Beignet’s? I don’t want crawfish jumpin’ out at me! LOL

    I luv that pic of you and Ian together in the resturant playing nice! Haha! Real nice pic of you two!

    Dang it!! @ ticket

    And how warm was it there??

    You really had a great time!! Thanks for letting us travel with you!!

  5. gurl why were we just talkin about Lambert’s!!! my son just came back from LA and he said is gonna miss the drive thru Daquiri!!! now hes talking about having a crawfish boil! so i might be emailing you about some tips!

    glad ya’ll had a fab trip. it will be in the 70 mid week so i will let you slide!

  6. Vacations go way too fast, especially when you get to visit home. At least we can see you had a GREAT time.

  7. A Budlight longneck?! Well go head then! Lol

    Oh…that Beignet looks heavenly.

    Oh no! Not a traffic violation!

    I see you got a hot sausage sandwich…next time send me a shrimp po’boy on French, dressed, no sauce, lol. I’m trying to learn…

    Glad you had fun! Good food always makes me happy, lol.

  8. Oh boy! Thanks for doing a photojournal for us on your trip. That was too cool! I just ate lunch and I am hungry again!

    Leave me alone with the beignets! I was getting back walking down the street eating it. They were so good! LOL!

  9. Woah…Woah…Woah…

    Didn’t I ask you NOT to post anymore food pics??

    Remind me to cuss you out **just as soon as I get back from the vending machine**


  10. Oh my goodness how have I missed reading all of this fun!? Good times! Girl I have been to that beinget place!!

  11. Not Lamberts!! lol I haven’t been there in forever in a day. You guys had to pass through my hometown, Blytheville, on the way there and back. If you blinked, you probably missed it. lol

    Glad you two had fun and made it back safely.

  12. I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time and then took the pics to share with all of us! Ummm can I know a little more about the fabric from your grandmother’s???

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