Yall would NOT believe….

I have lived through an EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!


So I was sleep around 4:30 ish this morning and I felt the HOUSE MOVE… it was like a big rumble. I knew it wasn’t wind because it came from the ground. I woke Ian up “Bay the house MOVING!” he’s looking at me all crazy like I being silly. And I was like NO!!!! The house is moving! Finally he feels the remnants of it….

So I jump up out the bed and went to peep out the frt window and I see NOTHING, hear NOTHING. Ian tells me it must a been a big truck…. UMM dude we live on a culdesac. I know he was trying to get me to shutdafukup and go back to sleep.

But whatever we went back to bed and GUESS WHAT…. This morning turn on the FUCKING NEWS and GUESS WHAT?!?!



  1. Nice! Way to go on that! I’m currently living through torrential downpouring rain that just. won’t. end. Ahh, Mother Nature.

  2. My mom mentioned this to me this morning. If it was felt up here I slept through it. How weird is that? My boss who lives outside St.Louis in Warrenton said his grandfather clock was chiming this morning. FREAKY STUFF!

  3. gurl i slept through it. but i felt the one around 10 this morning. i went to the front door looking for a big ass truck too. nothing and it was dead calm. them i called my mom and she said she felt it too. she and my sister felt the ones earlier

  4. LOL!!!

    I’ve lived through an earthquake TOO!!! when I was living in Richmond we had a small one.

    Cool right?!!


  5. Hursh girl. LOL. My hubby was like yours, mad that I woke him up hollering about “tornadoes” LOL. Congratulations on your first Quake. Hopefully there won’t be any more. I don’t know if I can handle earthquakes AND tornadoes.

  6. I heard the lou felt the earthquake…lol girl even folks here in KC talkin bout they felt the tremor round 3 this morning

  7. So you left me to move to a place that can get earthquakes, tornadoes,and snow storms. see if you move close to me all you have to worry about is hurricanes and at least you can evacuate for those.

  8. Wow! Never experieced one…that I am aware of and could do without the experience! Haha! ;op
    Glad it wasn’t serious!

  9. “cool dude” (in a fake voice)
    that must have been scary. women always know…lol

    But thanks for stopping by again, I was away for a minute huh?

  10. My sister told me about that quake. She said she was down in the basement when it happened but just thought she was going crazy. lol lol lol

    Glad to know that you guys fared ok through it.

  11. Now you KNOW that was a truck went by… don’t trip.

    Folks always tryna be claimin’ stuff so they can be on the news, lol.

    Seriously, glad you still around.

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