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Mccalls 5471… view D… while it’s not perfect by a long shot… it’s DEFINITELY wearable and is THE best button down I’ve ever worn.

Mccalls 5523… quick and easy skirt… and dare I say SEXY lol
Ian KEPT singing “yo milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…) lol

Simplicity 4112: view b
in hindsight i should have cropped out the satin cap… but well…this is me in my house on a rainy weekend. And yall do want the REAL me? right?! Right! lol

The fabric is 100% cotton… the pattern was VERY easy even if the collar gave me fits (all collars give me fits)….


  1. Your sewing has really come along! I am so proud of you! I love that just jump in and do it attitude! Go you!

  2. Gurl I was distracted at first with what was on your head and then realized you sew some great items! LOL

    Can’t beat a nice fitted white button down and you last shirt is so cute!

    Now where are your sticks? ;op

  3. We all need a white shirt and I love the ruffles on the cuff. The multicolor shirt is cute too. Work it out then!!

  4. I loved the striped blouse!!! How did you learn to sew and where do you get mannequins from? Keep up the good work chic!!!

  5. oh and yeah you are doing really good. you went from purses to making colars …and button holes. Im still on tryna sew a straight line. And the going home outfits are the bidness.

    K I go now.

  6. Looking good! Great job on the white shirt. I like the built by wendy top too. I started mine more than a year ago and have yet to finish it up. Yours looks so nice…makes me want go ahead and get it done. Thanks for the nudge 🙂
    Keep up the good work lady!

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