tales from the food stamp office

I just HAD to tell yall about this one….

I’m clearing my voicemail this morning and I get taken back b.c the time stamp on the message say SATURDAY 5:23pm

here’s the message

” hi my name is Saturday, social is blah blah , phone number is XXX. I want to know if I can receive my full cash benefits this month because I have a baby shower coming up and I want to provide for my baby…Please call me at xxx thank you”

Next message:

Saturday 5:28pm

“This is Saturday again… Like I said before…I have a baby shower coming up and REALLY want to provide for my baby. I want to know if i can have full cash AND food stamps”

Yall know I wont be returning her call, right?
I mean if that’s what you are going to do… you dont have to tell me… b.c that will not make my heart melt…

AND I KNOW you aint call on a saturday!!


  1. Hold up. She left two messages. And did she say she was trying to provide for her baby? With a baby shower? And why are you telling your worker? many more questions but it is too early in the a.m.

  2. And her name is Saturday? And she’s throwing her own baby shower? Or giving her food stamps to someone else’s baby? That would be a sweet baby shower gift – here friend, have my food stamps. Weird.

  3. ok… what does having a baby shower and providing for your baby have to do with each other? dummy. i would have to call her back and 1st asked if she knew the FS office was closed on saturday. how are you gonna tell your case worker you have absolutely no intention on using your cash and food stamp money for what they are supposed to be used for… talk about bold and dumb!

  4. I am with Alison on this one. This is weird! I don’t get the food stamp/baby shower gimmick. But I guess you can’t and won’t understand them all.

    Why call on Saturday? Weird!

  5. Come on, girl, she wants to throw a baby shower! lol. Her name is really not Saturday, is it?? That’s a name you made up to protect the innocent, right? Lord, I hope so.

  6. So what’s the back story? Working in the social arena also, I find those who seek help are often willing to seek education and other opportunities to advance their situation.
    I don’t understand the baby shower link, but I’m guessing that is the point. Hopefully she and her baby are doing just fine!

  7. ::Enters the room…Peeps date on this post…shakes my head…gives you the questioning look and promptly exits the room although NOT before yelling “Don’tchu think it’s time for a N-E-W post?!?!?!”::

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