Ya happy now?

yes. i’m talking to you Ms. Behaving :p

I didnt realize I hadn’t blogged since Monday oops. lol So lemme see what I can tell yall.

– Yesterday was take your child to work day. Normally that means you bring ONE child to work with you, but yall already know they didnt do that. It was people in here with 3 and 4 kids. lol There were kids all over the place. One kid in particular walked up to a group of 4 adults and introduced herself as ms.soandso’s daughter. Then walked into the cubicle like we knew her. Me and 2 of the ladies took that as our cue to BOUNCE! lol Then the lil heffa came back later to my cube asking me if i had kids… I’m looking at her Like WHERE IS YOUR MAW?! LOL

– My grandfather on my daddies side is back in the hospital. 1st my daddy called late tuesday night… my daddy NEVER calls me late, so i knew something was wrong. Then my favorite aunt called whom i love like my momma called and I could tell she’d been crying. That just broke my heart. My granddaddy had colon cancer which spread to his bones last summer some time. Suppoesedly they are keeping him comfortable and just waiting. *sigh*

– I am so amped about seeing Baby Mama tonite. I just KNOW thats shit is going to be Hilarious!

– I’m very lethargic today well right now.

– Today is my mil’s birthday. I wish I had it in me to do her like she did me for my birthday last year and not acknowledge the day at all. But i wont so I’ll call her when I finish this post.

– I lost 5lbs!! geaux me ! (see sometimes you gotta be your own cheer section)

– and umm thats all!
Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. Hmpff…You Betta Had!!! [LOL]

    WTH @ people bringing multiple children to work?!?!. I’m sayin’…Ms. Behaving luvs the kids but ummm…I ain’t bringing your @ss with me to work and especially NOT when that’s the only place I get a break from em’. [Yea…I SAID IT!!!]

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather’s condition…
    I know it won’t change anything BUT I’ll still say a prayer for him.

    All that damn food you pictured while you were on vacay and you still managed to lose 5 lbs?!?!?!

    Hmmm…hook a sistah up…WHAT’S YA SECRET??? [LOL]

    Hope you and the hubby have a great weekend girlfriend!!! Enjoy the movie!! 🙂

  2. Sorry about your grandfather, Paj. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Geaux Ms. Paj! 5lbs is a LOT of weight… Ask my struggling ass! 🙂

    And let us know about the movie! (I can’t believe you’re dragging the hubby to watch it! Lol!)

    Have fun!

  3. I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. I will keep him in my prayers.

    Congratulations on the weight loss! Keep it up!

  4. Dang I need your secret for the weight loss, because I know I gained 10lbs looking at your post with the food! Let me know about Baby Mama, it looks so hilarious!!

    How come folks think everyone love their kids? I’m just saying you know your kids.

  5. Sending prays and hugs to you and your family.

    LoL @ Like WHERE IS YOUR MAW?!

    Looking forward to a review on Baby Mama, it looks like its going to be funny as hell.

    As far as bringing kids to work… my mantra is don’t ask me shit, I don’t have shit and isn’t your mother on the other side of the office….ROFLOL (on a serious note I’m just playin’) (well on another serious note… no I’m not…lol.

  6. I was just thinking…your blog looks like mine…neglected, lol.

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather, times like this are always hard.

    I am lethargic too…I have Eve to thank for that.

    It took me more than a second to figure out who/what a “mil” was, lol.

    You lost 5lbs, and I’ve probably gained 5lbs…today alone. I want to eat everything in sight.

    TGIF! Enjoy your weekend too!

  7. Hi Peppermint,

    Just sliding through to give my condolences for your grampa and congrats on your weight loss. Hope all is well with you and yours! 🙂

  8. I cant stand bad little nosey kids…

    lmao @ you wanting to see baby mama… I kinda sorta do too but dont feel like paying $10 to do it… i’ll wait til its on hbo…lol

    and congrats on losing the weight…

  9. So sorry to hear about your granddaddy :o(
    My aunt had colon cancer but thankfully survived it!

    Prayerfuly your family will remain strong during this trying time.

    But on a brighter note – Go you on losing 5 lbs!! Can that rub off over here to me puhlease!

    Hope your weekend was good!

  10. I will be praying for your Granddaddy.I know how it is to have a family member with cancer.My sister is battling breast and lung cancer.

    Congrats on the weight loss!!:)

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