So remember the girl that was out of work sick for 8 weeks? Well apparently while she was out on FMLA, she was being “harassed” by our supervisor and personnel for doctors notes. Well she’s all better now and back at work, but when she came back she came back on a mission to get our sup back. So she’s been keeping this journal of all the things our sup does and allows that is not correct and she filed a grievance against her.

Now, I need yall to know that in order get fired from a state job, there has to be a MOUNTAIN of evidence against you. And as a result of the grievance being filed, the higher ups have started a witch hunt.

But ask yourself this, How does one build a case against a supervisor? That’s right by monitoring her staff! So everything that we (the staff) are doing is being raked over with a fine tooth comb. People on the team who NEVER have any complaints from clients and that do their work are being written up.

Now while I totally agree that if you are being wronged you should speak up for yourself and follow through. I was not prepared for the fallout that comes as a result of her doing so. Then the part that REALLY trips me out is… The girl who filed the grievance requested a new supervisor and “supposedly” will be leaving our team. Which pisses me off… why? B/c she got what she wanted and BOUNCED leaving the rest of the team “under the bus” because the witch hunt will continue.

Classic case of “Bytchassness”


  1. yeah…that’s some bitchazzness fo’ sho!

    That FMLA is no punk…I lost a promotion at my hold job because they tried to demote a chick while she was on FMLA to give me the job…they were suppose to wait until she came back to work…but someone could not keep their mouth shut…I think it was our HR generalist…she really is a liability for that company…but it worked out for the best…I moved on to much bigger and better things…

    so don’t fret…it’s cool to stand up for yourself…but you are right, that was some bitchazzness on her part, and I am sure her new sup will give her hell just for GP.

  2. Been there for sure. I had an old co-worker to try and tell all the goings on in the department before she left. Luckily we didn’t feel any backlash from it. But it still was a very petty thing to do.

    I hope it turns around and bites her in the caboose!

    Hang in there gurl!

  3. Hmmm, I’m kinda on the fence about this one. If she was really sick the whole 8 weeks and the Sup was harassing her, that could really stir up some anger. Sorry your on her receiving end.

  4. This won’t help in the here and now, but karma is a mutha. She’s gonna catch hers one way or another.

  5. Hmpfff…There ain’t nothin’ like a bitter b**ch to throw a monkey wrench in the program.

    Hope you have a great weekend girlfriend!! 🙂

  6. That’s got to really suck being in the middle of all that mess. I hope the dust settles down after awhile.

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