a lil but of this, a lil bit of that….

I’s tired…

Today I had a client that was about to piss me off and I had to give her my “2+2 MUST equal 4, when I come back I need to hear 4” speech. smh She made 2+2=4 but I requested beaucoup verification. And this was the momma (I have the daughter as well).. sigh
I ever mention how much I don’t like liars? mmhmm that’s one of the reasons.

I finished EJD “Pleasure”. I liked it. Sometimes I just need to read SMUT! lol Get my carnal on and stuff and thang lol

Went to a bridal shower this weekend (i need to ask her if it’s okay to post pics). I had a good time. Even though I got a bit salty when I didn’t win the tissue paper wedding dress game. LOL What?! I know… sad huh. lol

OH! I never told yall about Baby Mama. It was SOOOO funny!! WE laughed the entire movie.

Anyone else ready for SATC the movie? I already called my friend Peaches and was like “bitch don’t you stand me up” lol

Ummm I sewed this weekend.. M5609. I ditched the buttons, sewed the skirt down the middle left a split, and left the bodice open for a splash of color. I liked it. I MAY add the buttons at a later date, but for now it is what it is.
I’m really digging this purple 🙂

and that’s all folks… How was your weekend? Do anything fun/exciting?


  1. That book was THE BOMB! I read it in like ONE day! LOL. SMUT is the right word lol.

    I want to see Baby Mama!! I’m SO ready to see SATC! You know they gone stand you up….do I need to start listing the excuses?!?! LOL

    Your dress is TOO cute!!! You is doing big thangs girl! LOL

    *lookin all cute and stuff* 🙂

  2. I luv both of my fav colors together!
    Great mods on the dress!

    And yep! Waiting with baited breather for SATC! I won’t go opening night as it will be crazy!

  3. Love the dress! I’m going to have to send you an order, you can make me some cute stuff anytime! 🙂

  4. Cute dress! I like it a lot.

    I love to read a lot too. I haven’t read that book but I might try looking for it at the library. Who knows right?

    You had a bridal shower huh? I hope it was fun. I wish I could have seen your tissue paper wedding dress.

    I would ask to see a lot of back up too for so called expenses and stuff. I work with fools too who try to put one over on you!

    Check me out! I posted!

    Later gator!

  5. I think I am the only woman in america that isnt the least bit excited about this sex and the city movie… you already know was gonna happen… she finally gonna be happily married to big…

    I am so not rushing to see it.

  6. Girl, I am so ready for the SATC movie, it’s ridiculous!

    You looking cute in that dress! The splash of color was definitely the best move!

    Glad you had a good week-end!

  7. Oh…I guess what you’re telling me is I need to read “Pleasure”, lol.

    The tissue paper wedding dress game…uh-huh, lol

    I guess I need to find me a date for the SATC movie…hmmm.

    Leave the buttons off…I like it the dress the way it is…can I get a khaki one? Thanks! Smooches!

  8. I love the dress (and that you always model what you sew).

    I’m still jealous of your sewing skills! lol

  9. smut
    lemme go check for it.lol

    ima see baby momma this weekend
    hopefully i have the same reaction

  10. You are rockin’ the hell outta that dress girlfriend!!!

    Going to see Baby Mama myself this weekend [Heard from enough people that it was funny as hale so…I think that warrants me paying the 12 bucks to see it in theatres as opposed to coping me a corner store bootleg].

    Most people don’t believe me but I’ve never seen a single episode of SATC so….I definitely wouldn’t consider going to check out the movie.

    To each his/her own tho…

  11. Great dress, love the color! And add me to the “see it when I see it” SATC club!

  12. Went to a wedding instead of a shower for a bride I don’t like. That was…fun. I’m proud that I didn’t laugh when the groom was standing there with the goofiest look on his face as they exchanged vows. Normally, I get choked up when men get teary-eyed but this fool just made me want to giggle.

    Anyway, I like the dress! You’re really working that sewing machine, good for you.

  13. Go head on, your purple badness!

    I could use a book a could power through right now. Kinda lazy though. 🙂

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