lol Happy Hump Day Yall!

How has your week been?
Mine has been okay… sick to death of the rain. and i’m certainly looking forward to the weekend!

Things have been relatively calm in my world. Which makes for poor blogging.

Our hot water heater went out…. It took Ian 3 days to get it fixed. While i’m glad he was able to fix it and save us XXX amt of money, i silently wishedhebd just pay the money for installation!!!!

I’ve been cooking… Made red beans & rice and fried chicken this weekend. Baked a cake. Made spaghetti and meat sauce last night. yummy yummy And the real shocker.. I brought my lunch twice this week!
Thats makes 2 the total of brought lunch for the year 🙂

hmm…. I have the fabric laid out for M5466. I havent cut it yet, b/c I NEED to do a FBA. Adrienne and Cas sent me some links to look at. I hope it works b/c i have JUST enough fabric.

lets see… i’m reading Nappily Faithful right now… It’s slow going lol

****TMI warning****
My sex drive has been in OVERdrive for the last 2months. Sex is constantly on my mind. Always plotting on how soon I can get some more. Ian has been a happy man

I am SOOO behind on on my blog reading it’s a shame, BUT I plan on catching up this weekend.

Aite, that’s all for now.

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  1. Meh. The week is boring…going by too daggone slow [if ya ask me]…

    No hot water for three days?!?!?!
    [Brrrrr…I could see why you wished it was fixed sooner]

    Wish I had it in me to bring in my lunch…
    Seems like everytime I make plans to, I forget to take it out the fridge. *SIGH*

    LOL @ your sex drive being stuck in OVERdrive…


    Don’t front…try’na blame it on “Things being relatively calm in your world”


  2. And you did not send me any red beans and rice…for shame…no slice of cake either..And I bet it was a sock-it-to-me.

    What? Girl, you have only brought your lunch twice this week? I try to bring my lunch everyday…well, considering there are not too many places close buy, I really have no choice.

    FBA? Yeah, see, why you have to talk over my head like that? Lol
    Is it the sequel to “Nappily Ever After”?

    lol@ TMI warning. Well at least you have someone to pounce.

  3. Gone head and cook girl!!!! **Gladyouhavebeentakingyourlunch** ummmm TMI! HAHAHAH but glad IAN IS HAPPY 🙂

  4. I hear you on the rain but really it’s not so much that as the storms. Mama nature’s been on that ya-yo lately.

    Ok, you and Mister been gettin down. I ain’t hardly mad! lol

  5. Yesterday, it rained all darn day and I had the nerve to wear sandals… what the heck was I thinking. My week was okay, I finally got my employers to stop giving me work…lol. You have inspired me, I so need to cut back on buying lunch, and plan to brown bag it next week.

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