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I promise he didn’t do it…

First things 1st, I Poppa freaks all the honies…

Good Morning!! Don’t ask why I’m singing Biggie EARLY on a Sunday morning lol. While I’m getting ready for chu’uch hehehehe. My friend and hair stylist Morene invited me to her church for friends and family day.

Well I woke up this morning, eye SWOLE!!! See I first noticed my eye was a bit achy friday evening but dismissed it thinking I’d scratched the corner trying to get out the “eye boogies”. Then yesterday if felt like I had a pimple under my eyelid. Well since there was absolutely NO WAY IN HELL I was going to try to “pop” it I did nothing. Can you say BIG MISTAKE?! This is what my eye looks like AFTER 2hrs with an ice pack and witch hazel compresses.
That’s what I get for laughing at Kayla lol. And to make matters worse, it’s my keratokonus eye… so know I’m REALLY having THE hardest time focusing.

Anytwhoo… despite my eye issues I still got some sewing done. I’m going to a wedding next Sunday, I think this is spring wedding appropriate. I was “inspired” by Trinilove to make this dress B5173


  1. You KNOW I’m not going to laugh right!!!!! LOL

    Your dress looks good girl! You did a great job on it!

  2. Are you sure Ian didn’t pop you one! LOL! You poor baby! I hope you feel better real soon.

    Your dress is lovely! I am feeling totally inspired but alas, I am still sick. I really need to rest and get my strength back. Then beware of the manic sewer!

  3. gosh, I really don’t even know what to say… hopefully it goes away very very soon
    your dress is beautiful, i love that PRINT!

  4. Hey Toy!!
    Thanks girlie, and I dont know what to say abt this eye either. All i hope it goes down and stays diwn. I certainly dont want to show up to work holding an ice pack to my eye!

  5. Poor baby! With your eyes… (keratoranus what’s that? Lol!!)

    The dress looks great! And it’s def Spring appropriate.

  6. Do you have a sty?

    Witch hazel compress? Never would have thought…

    Did you still go to church with the puffy eye?

    That dress is h-o-t!

  7. Ummm…Lemme find out you almost got knocked the F**k out!!! LOL.

    I KID…I KID!!! 🙂

    That dress is hot gurl. I love the colors and I think it’s great for a spring wedding.

  8. That is one pretty dress. I love it.

    And I’m not going to laugh at you…I had a car door hit me in the eye once, so I know how it feels to go around looking like that. Hope the swelling’s gone down!

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