Work Appropriate? lol

Soooo… here’s something else that’s been keeping me from blogging. lol See it’s not all sex and games over here :p

The top and bottom are McCalls 5336

The skirt has this really ummm sexy kinda split in the front. Excuse the ashy legs.. (they bring the sexy down a knotch or two dontcha think?)
The skirt was really easy to put together, however fitting it would probably have been MUCH easier when if I wasn’t BLOATED like crazy. Just take my word for it. lol

I finished the shirt last night… After I took this picture, I went back in and increased the darts for a closer fit.

Like my $8 shoes? lol

Have a GREAT day @ work

15 thoughts on “Work Appropriate? lol

  1. Ummmm, see you lookin good girl! My number is…..LMAO!
    (see now folks gone think we KRAZY in the WORSE way lol, but YOU KNOW! HAHAHAH)

    You did a good job! I’m going to have to make that top!!

  2. I think its all work appropriate. Just don’t sit there with your legs all sexy and kittenish! LOL!

    You have been doing a great job with your sewing.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. ::Takes a long/hard look at the jeans and tee I wore to work today before saying::


    Once again, I love the set and the shoes are pretty cute for just eight bucks too.

    YOU GO PAJ!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! I’ve never seen that pattern before and I like it on you! Great shoe find!!!!

  5. Ahhhh, I see what you mean with the button down shirts. πŸ˜‰ I’m so jealous, you are quite the sewing whiz! I do love the shoes!

  6. lmao @ excuse the ashy legs and you getting all intimate with the wall

    have a good holiday weekend chica!

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