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Good Morning!!

Are you as happy as me that it’s Friday?! I’m anticipating a long weekend filled with fun.
Here are our plans well my plans…
**Tonite weather permitting Ian and I will be going to a drive-in movie to see Iron Man.
If it rains then we will be going to this lounge for Grown & Sexy night. This guy I had a class with is in a band and they will be playing there tonite.

** Saturday I plan on sewing all day, then saturday night I’ve been invited to a bachelorette party.

** Sunday, Ian and I will be attending an afternoon wedding. Then later that night, I’ve been invited to attend a hair/fashion industry party with my hairstylist.

** Monday, After helping my inlaws move… it’s home to chill and relax the remainder of my day away.

Quick example of what being in love and sprung off the D*ck will have you doing….
Ian and I were 18 when we decided to move in together. So we did apartment hunting and settled on an apartment paid the deposits and whatnot. WeHad gone out and bought new furniture (lol bedroom set, futon… thats all you need in a one bedroom apt).

Well we got the keys for the apartment on a Wednesday, moved our clothes and decorative things we’d purchased that same day. But when night fall came we realized our furniture wasnt being delivered until Saturday!

We had 2 choices… go back to our respective parents until saturday OR sleep in OUR new home.

Guess what we chose? Yup

We slept our asses on the floor until saturday when our furniture was delivered.

BABY!! Let me tell you! Our backs were so jacked from sleeping on the floor. lawd!

** all this was brought back my remebrance b/c Yesterday we were laying on the floor (don’t ask why) and he was like do you remember when…. lol

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!


  1. HA!! Know about sprung and um, yeah. I liked Iron Man. Sounds like your going to have an awesome weekend. Enjoy.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend planned. I like your memories of your first home. That’s a good story!

    Be safe!

  3. gurl my old ass can’t even sit on the floor for to long or i won’t be getting up! you not going to the Gypsy Caravan???

  4. I had a comment…but blogger stole it…so now all I have to say is…

    TGIF! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Sounds like one busy weekend you have planned!

    I’ve slept on the floor rather than go back to the dungeon…I mean, mom & dad’s…too. lol

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