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weekend update

Wassup yall!

How was your holiday weekend?

Mine was BUSY busy busy!! I have to admit it was good to get out and do young and fun things. I did everything on my list except the movies. See what had happened was…. Lol

Seriously, we drove alllll the way out to Bellville, IL only to find out the movie was a double feature and in order to see Iron Man we’d have to sit through Prince Caspian. I’m not down with Narnia. So we ended up at Super Wal-/Mart J

Saturday afternoon I sewed up some wide leg pants (that’s what I was working on when Adrienne & Stacey called. I WILL be there for the next ATL takeover :p) in this REALLY vibrant purple linen. BABY lemme tell you! I tried them on when I finished and even with really high heels I wasn’t THRILLED. Well Ian came home and I put them on again and asked his opinion and he said “ummm I those don’t make me want to fuk you” smh. I immediately took them off and place them to the side for Goodwill. LOL They were NOT flattering on me. They were too high waisted and Waaaay too wide legged.

Saturday night I went to my coworker’s bachelorette party…. And after that I went met Peaches downtown for drinks.

Sunday, it rained SO hard but it cleared before the wedding… don’t we look nice? Lol I forgot my camera at home, so I don’t have any pics from the wedding (aside from those I took on my cell). We skipped out on the reception… I mean why is it that black folks can’t start anything on time! Geesus

Later that night I went to a networking party with my hairstylist/friend Morene. It was so much fun. And they had free grey goose. I had 2 vodka and cranberries and 2 vodka with lemonade. So good! Have I ever mentioned how much enjoyment I get out of watching white girls dance?! LAWD I swear! That alone made my night. You can say what you want but white girls know how to party, okay! Lol

And I spent my Memorial Day sweating like a pig helping my mother in law move. It’s amazing how much shit people can accumulate in such a short period of time. Antywhoo, I stayed over for a little while and helped them unpack, whilst her precious daughter didn’t even bother to pretend to want to help. I mean granted she just had a baby but you mean you can’t help your momma put dishes up?! But you can ask her for a washer and dryer. SAD!

Anyway that was my weekend. I’ll be back sometime this week to tell yall why my sister is in jail!


  1. Let me find out you were partying it up this weekend. You two look so cute!! I love the dress, looks real nice. um, can’t wait to hear about your sister….will this be lil’sis?

  2. Lol @ Super Wal-mart…I have never seen the first Chronicle of Narnia movie…I did read the book way way back in the day…
    Lol@ Ian’s response to the pants…I was kinda scared when you said bright purple linen…ha.

    What y’all got on the wall back there…mmm, hmm…lol

    You look cute in your dress…nice and springy.

    You did good…don’t even want to know how my friend ended up after the party with free Ciroc…smh.

    In jail?! Oh my…what a way to end this update.

  3. Glad you had a fabulous weekend. Both of you look great, but you are working that dress… saying I dare Ya!… lol

    Ok sis/jail… uh oh…

  4. LOL. Why can’t we start on time?? But you all do look cute going to the wedding.

    That’s a LOT of Grey Goose. Yum.

  5. You two sure look fly dressed for the Wedding.

    I know alot about trifling in-laws.

    Jail, huh. Damn sounds alot like some folks in my extended family.

  6. You guys look so laid-back, cute and cool!

    That sounded like a very fun week-end! I’m glad you had fun…

    And why again is your sis in jail?

    You’re such a good daughter-in-law… And I’m sure Ian knows it too (only his opinion matters!!!)

    Have a good one Chica!

  7. You guys did have a fun filled weekend. You and Ian looked lovely for the wedding!

    Send me those pants! I like purple. lol

    Sista’s in the slammer?? Oh lawd!

  8. I guess I will wait on the jail story…but I did want to say that you look great in the dress and Ian looks pretty good too!

  9. You mean there’s still someplace that has double features? I thought that died out with Drive-in mov…Jail? The Hazell??

  10. Girl you had the kind of weekend I want to have!!:)
    Sorry your pants didn’t work out for you.That happen sometimes with sewing.
    Super Walmart!!I love Walmart!!

  11. It’s never a dull moment with you is it? Too bad about the pants. It happens though.

    You guys look good though for the wedding. I agree about the CPT. It drives me batty!

    I will say a prayer for your sis. I am sorry to hear she isn’t doing better.

  12. My memorial weekend was tiring…
    Had the little grandman for a few days and guuuurl…he kept me on my toes [for real for real] LOL.

    “Prince Caspain”?!?!?! Really?!?!?!
    [I see why you ended up @ Super Wal-/Mart] cuz I wouldnt have sat through that shyt either!!! [Nope…NOT the kid!!!]

    The dress looks fabulous on you. [You and the hubby look really nice :-)]

    LMAO @ “those don’t make me want to fuk you”.
    [Well…gotta love him for keepin’ it REALLY real!!!]

    Definitely tickles me to see white folk dance. They be just as rhythmless as they wanna be but damn if they don’t be enjoying the hell outta themselves [LOL]

    You sister?!?!?! [IN JAIL]?!?!?! WHATNDAHELL!!!

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