I picked this up over at Alison’s blog…

A – Attached or Single: Attached at the hip 😉

B – Best Friend(s): Cille and Nyra (irl) and Stacey & Adrienne (online)

C – Cake or Pie: Cake

D – Day of Choice: Whatever day I can sleep in

E – Essential Item: cell phone

F – Favorite Color(s): Blue and Red

G – Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears

H – Hometown: New Orleans

I – Indulgence(s): getting mani/pedi’s

J – January or July: July – my birthday month!

K – Kids: someday soon (i pray)

L – Life is incomplete without: Love

M – Marriage Date: 2/18/00

N – Number of Siblings: 2 sisters (both are retarded!)

O – Oranges or Apples: Oranges

P- Phobias or Fears: failing

Q – Quote: “A day is too valuable to waste on misery and unhappiness – Iyanla (it’s what I see when I’m at my desk at work)

R- Ring size: Good question

S – Season: Spring/Summer

T- Tag 3 Friends: Play if you like!

U – Unknown fact about me: hmmm

V – Very favorite stores: Gap, le tarjay, joann’s

W – Worst Habit: Chewing the inside of my cheeks… can you say ouch?

X-ray or Ultrasound: ultrasound

Y – Your Favorite Food(s): Pizza (yummy yummy)

Z – Zodiac: Cancer


  1. i cannot believe that you have yet to try white castles!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! don’t make me find out where you live and drag you to the nearest one!

    i’ll do this one when i get a minute.


    STEAK N SHAKE!!! TRY IT! dammit

  2. I had an Iyanla quote on our wedding programs. It’s one of my favorites. I should have it memorized, but I don’t. I’ll try to post it tomorrow if I can find it. 🙂

    And funny that you said you chew on the insides of your cheeks – JJ @ Reproductive Jeans just posted about that very thing today… 🙂

  3. I’ve seen this on a couple other blogs… I think I may jack it… you know me and memes…lol

  4. Happy Friday!

    Cancers Rock!

    Had it been a slow blog week, I might have jacked it…but I think I did pretty well on my own.

    So…no birthday countdown? or are we still too far out?

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