SATC weekend

Hey Yall!!

So my friend Peaches and I went to the SATC movie premier party last night (friday). We had sooo much fun!

The party as supposed to be held poolside at Chase Park Plaza Hotel… Well the TORRENTIAL RAIN cancelled that! It also cancelled my originally planned wardrobe. lol

I’d worn my grey pencil skirt and pumps to work, BABY when I saw that rain I quickly changed my mind and decided to cover up as much as possible.

Got to Peaches house and FELL OUT laughing… You’d think we planned to dress alike right?! Nope. lol I guess it was a case of “Great Minds thinking alike”

Gotta have the myspace pics… It’s a girl night staple right?!

And a lil thug pose 🙂 lol

And the requisite picture taken by a TOTAL stranger (that always freaks me out b.c I think they are going take off running with my camera! Am I the only person that feels that way? lol )


  1. I want to go and do this at a local theater that serves drinks and food. It would be the perfect place to do it. I don’t have many friends interested in doing this though.

    I know what you mean about handing your camera to strangers. I just pray and smile! LOL!

  2. I feel the same way when handing my camera over to strangers. Glad you managed to go home with yours, lol.

    You both looked adorable!

  3. cute pics… even though I am not the biggest SOTC fan.. it looked like fun!

    Where the booty shaking pics… cuz I know you got some…lol

  4. Looks like you still had a ball despite the rain!

    Ur uh no I feel the same way about my camera too! LOL
    But there is always the “hope they know how to take pics” factor too! ;op

  5. Girl I feel the same way about letting strangers take pictures for me!Ha Ha!!
    You look like you all had fun!I need me a weekend out with just me and my girls!

  6. Y’all look so cute!!! I am loving the green/jean combo!

    I went to see SATC as well with the lil’ sis and her friend followed by some drinks… Was great!

    And now that you mention it, that must be the reason why I am always so reluctant to hand my camera to a stranger… 🙂

  7. Again…blogger stole my comment. *pouts* but umm…

    You look cute, look like a fun time, and girl, if they look like they want to take off running…just reach out and hit them with the big azz pocket book.

  8. Ha, I thought I was the only one who thinks somebody’s going to take my camera, lol! That’s why I pick somebody who looks slow to take my pic–if they run off, hopefully I can catch ’em.

  9. Ok, you didn’t do the prison pose. We are good. 🙂

    The only we to keep jokers from running off with your camera is to put it on a looooong chain. Or carry a Boomerang with you.

  10. Cool pics 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed yourself at the movies!!

    You are definitely NOT alone in thinking some random stranger is going to run off with your camera LOL!

    Feels good to know I’m NOT alone…

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