Beep me 9-1-1…

or call me on my cell phone I’ll call you back just to see…
Do yall remember that song?!

Well that’s what I started singing when Ian said “Here bey, save my pager #”

DO YALL SEE THAT?! A real live pager!! lol

*singing* beep me 911 or call me on your cell phone…

couldn’t figure out how to embed the video BUT here’s the link to youtube


  1. (*Whew*) For a minute, I thought I was transported back to 1995. Don’t scare me like that. 🙂

    That was a pretty nice song, though.

  2. WOW!! The Smithsonian called and said they want their ancient artifact back.

    Dang, I remember when I got my pager I thought I was the shizznit!

  3. never had a pager. hubby got one for the job. i never even asked for the number!! what am i gonna page him for when i can just call him!!! thats so crazy. but they gave it to him cause sometimes hes in a whole or basement and can’t get service on his phone.

  4. LMBO!!! That is hilarious. I had no idea they were still in circulation lol.
    You are so funny. Thanks for the comments…I’m gonna handle that.

    By the way, I tagged you. Check my blog for more details.

  5. I can NOT believe they still make those things!

    Pepsi need to be shamed!

    I thought I was IT when ‘my man’ bought me one in burgundy!! ;op Haha!

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