I’m reading this book “Sanctified Blues” by Mable John…. started reading this morning. Let me share a passage with you

*** “funny how the mind works,” I say. “if we think about the future we’re filled with fear. Think about the past and we’re filled with regret. But the Holy Spirit isn’t about the past or the future. God told Moses, ‘I am that I am'”
“Present tense”***

Presently I have a husband who loves me
…. a job that pays the bills
…. medical issues that can be controlled by medication
…. skills and talents that allow me to express myself creatively
…. family that are certifiably insane, but who I love and know love me
…. the bestest group of blogger/internet friends EVER!

and for those things I Thank God.

Have a great hump day!!


  1. awwww
    thats assuming im among those blogs friends of whom u
    gotta always count the blessings

  2. and I am thankful for you too!

    It’s nice to stop and just give thanks sometimes…always helps to put things in perspective.

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