weekend update

Omg yall they have made me EARN ever penny of my money today!!! I saw SEVEN people in 2 hours. I promise we arent giving anything away lol

So Friday I took off work. Ian had been asking me to take off since i’d been running with the girls. So iasked him to make a list of things we would do THEN I would take off. Lol Here are some of the things we did Friday (I’ma keep it it clean but you can use your imagination for the omitted things lol)
* ate breakfast
* went to JoAnn’s
* went to the movies (What Happens In Vegas) It was funny
* Did a little bit of shopping at The Mills
*ate lunch
* went to target

Then saturday morning like 1am my daddy got here. I stayed up with him till 3ish drinking tequila shots. Only to have him wake me up at 7ish looking for food.
*We went to Goody Goody for breakfast (Carmell you ever been there?)
* to the bank to have a WILL notarized. (i’m his only child I gets err’thang)
* Picked up Ian
* went to ANOTHER bank
* sat out at a cafe and had lunch while watching a bunch of people walk by in rainbow colored body paint.
* went BACK to the mall
* went got more food
* feel victim to the “itis”
* sent my daddy off to louisiana
* Went bra shopping *the girls are happy

Sunday I Cleaned, talking on the phone helped the time to pass THX

WHEW i’m Ti-RED!!!! lol
So hope your Monday is not as busy as mine lol


  1. Gurl I am surprised you even had time to blog today!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    And I went bra shopping a few weeks ago and it is the best thing ever!! I swear they sit up more perkier when you treat them right! ;op Haha!

  2. good to hear about daddy

    but could have left off the bra shopping LOL
    u make it sound like groceries

  3. I am confused with the itis but things sound busy and fun for you. I hope it continues.

    I am having a hectic day. I got this man that keeps asking me questions he should be able to figure out. Why me?

  4. There must have been something in the air on Saturday, because I got up and went to the mall to go bra shopping!! I never go to the mall! I had to go up a band size and down a cup size, so my girls are so happy now!

  5. Seven people in 2 hours? Wow…is that a record?

    lol@ taking Tequilla shots and him waking you up looking for food. Glad you had a good time.

  6. een there. good food. another place you should try is Uncle Bills… or Bobs. good and they are open 24 hours!!

    tequila shots with your daddy…. interesting!!!!

  7. LMAO @ the folk who were lost on “itis”…

    WOW Paj…Sounds like you had quite the eventful weekend!!

    Had it not been for 98 degree weather in NY [with the heat index making it feel like a sweltering 105], I’d have enjoyed mines a lot more [I’m sure]!!

  8. That was a pretty full weekend.

    Girl I got itis right now. I don’t know what my problem is.

    I need to go bra shopping too. I need VS to have a sale like right now, just for me. lol

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