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I was tagged by Neosewmama to post the contents of my fridge/pantry. Here are the rules:

Here are the rules:

  1. Post the rules before the pictures/descriptions.
  2. Take a few shots of what’s hiding in your fridge..freezer…pantry…cupboards. The more the better.
  3. You can either simply just include the pictures or even better give some description of what’s in there…your favorites…where you (or how not) it’s organized…and/or whatever else you want to include. The more info the better…yes…I like details!
  4. NO tidying up! If you want to turn around things so you can see the labels thats fine…but no re-arranging or cleaning things up. The whole point is to see things the way they actually are…naturally. If there is nothing in your fridge show that… Just keep it real!
  5. Keep the tag going. Pick 7 other bloggers to join in on the fun and tag them by including their names after your post and by leaving a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged. I think it would also be great if you would let the person who tagged you know once you have posted your pictures.

Lemme state my disclaimer: Ian and I make groceries on an as needed for breakfast/lunch/dinner basis. We used to go make groceries and by the time we’d get around to cook, the food would be freezer burnt and we’d have to throw it out. So instead of wasting money, food, and time. We buy as needed.

Freezer: Patton’s Hot Sausage (a new orleans original), bag of broccoli, toaster streusel, Ice cream, freeze pops, chicken breast, and ice trays

Sweet Tea (i drink gallons of the stuff), biscuits and dinner rolls, grapes, apples, eggs, water, Leftovers (string beans and potatoes in in the pot and steak in the foil covered pan)

Rice, can goods (peas yuck!, corn), mashed potatoes, sugar, fish fry

Crab Boil (you can NOT do a seafood boil without the Zatarains crab boil), Camelia Red Beans (got those on my last trip home), and way in the back a jar of Pickled Pig Lips( yummy)

Goober Grape (the BEST pb&j ever), Louisiana Hot sauce, Cayenne pepper, other seasonings native to louisiana. Sugar dish that needs to be filled.

Beer from my daddies visit (miller lite Ya want one?), nyquil, lime juice (for key lime pies), chocolate syrup for the ice cream, syrup, ketchup, mayo, mustard.

So there you have it… my fridge and pantry at the moment. Now here are the rules.

So I think it would be fun to start a “What’s in your fridge/pantry?” tag.

~ I’m tagging Cas, Carmell, Adrienne, Stacey (I don’t care about your get out of memes card either), MsBehaving, Miss B, and Urbanknitrix
I hope yall play along šŸ™‚ You gotta admit it’s different!


  1. Well ain’t this about a itch?!?!?

    I came over here to tell you YOU were tagged only to find out you tagged my @ss right back.


    [Aiight…I’m on it! My post’ll be up at midnite!!]


  2. Now girly you know I am in San Antonio so I won’t have a chance to do this anytime soon. I don’t have anyone to tag either! Whatcha doin to a sista? LOL!

  3. my hubby loves Miller Lite… its actually pretty tasty. why is the Nyqil in the in the fridge???

    pickled pig lips!!! why oh why is there even such a thing!!! and you actually eat it?!?! YUCK!

  4. Can’t do without the Zatarain’s is right! What do they put in that stuff? Your fridge is mighty neat.

  5. Before I even got to the bottom I had already said I wanted to do this one!! :oD Haha!
    I need some new blog content ;op

    I just love how you say “make groceries” ROTFL!!

    And you keep Nyquil in the refrig?!? Wow!

  6. You put your NyQuill in the fridge?

    I LOVE Goober, I haven’t had it for a long time.. I’m going to put that on my list!

    Your stuff is all so neat, I’m jealous!

  7. Co-sign on the pickled pig lips comments. I don’t even wanna know.

    But everything is so neat and organized!

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