Thanks, Travel Plans, Questions…

Before I get into this post.. I have to first say THANK YOU to my blog family! Your prayers and thoughts really touched me. It’s great to know that people I’ve never met before, care enough to pray for me and my family. And OMG all the lurkers that came out of hiding… Who Knew?! lol I need yall to speak up more often πŸ™‚ I replied to everyone who commented and i had email addresses for… and for those who didn’t leave an email. THANK YOU Again!!

I leave for Louisiana tonite. Ever hear of Logansport? How ’bout Shreveport? Well that’s where I’ll be.

So go ahead ask me anything?

Hopefully I get enough questions (if not I have 138 blogs queued up in google reader) to keep me occupied on the 12hr (lawd hav murcy lol) train ride there and back.

I’ll post the answers from my trusty dusty cell phone, as I have internet access or when I get back to Da Lou!

Hope you have a Fabulous Weekend!


  1. After our conversation today, I ain’t asking you SHIT! lol hahahahahah love you girlie. I’ll keep you entertained with text messages…I have some in my “que” lol

  2. Why are you so crazy? I think that’s a good enough question don’t you! LOL!

    I know why you are so crazy. Working at the FSO is no easy matter and the longer you stay there the crazier you get.

    I hate when I answer my own question!

  3. Yes, I’ve been to Shreveport. We went there for a little country wedding. Me and my other city girl friend stuck out like sore thumbs. I ate at a commercial cafeteria there for the first time at the Pecan Land Mall. It was also there that I purchased a tiny wedding band for my pinkey finger (which I wore yesterday), and where I got $5 out of the ATM machine (we can never get less than $20 here, maybe $10 about 10 yrs ago). Boy that was cool, LOL. I also went to a club where the rap music was slow, and some light skinned dude with green eyes danced with me, touched my privates, and asked me to meet him outside. He really thought I was going home with him. That was about 12-15 years ago. I haven’t been back since.

  4. Awww, I’m just now catching up. I’m so sorry to hear about your granddad. πŸ™ {{{hugs}}} I hope you & your family can find some peace & comfort.

  5. Lemme see:

    1. How did you met Ian and what made you know he was “the one”??

    2. What do you like/dislike MOST [about blogging]??

    3. Ever consider using your sewing skillz to go into business??

    [I know…I know…I’m on a roll] LOL

    **Hope you made it to your destination safely :-)**

  6. i know it’s been too long since i’ve stopped in to say hey. Sending up prayers for you & your family’s loss. U r blessed to have such a supportive husband. safe travels!

    question: how’d u get into being so crafty?

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