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travel update/Questions

CapCity asked..

how’d u get into being so crafty?

My maternal grandmother is crafty. She used to make all the girls cabbage patch dolls, make jewelry, sew, paint… you name it she did it, all the while I was right under her heel. I guess it came through osmosis. lol 
Cas asked… 
Why am I so crazy?
because God knew your life would be dull and boring without me in it :p  LOL
Ms Behaving asked… 
How did you meet Ian and what made you know he was “the one”??
~ I still don’t know if he’s “the one” I’m just playing it by ear…JUST KIDDING dang. lol  Anywoo.. We met at work (winndixie) and initially we didn’t like each other b/c he would never bag for me only for those creole looking heffas. So i started calling him color struck. We became friends, then friends with benefits, then next thing you know I was moving out of my mom’s to sleep on the floor with him. I LIKE him A LOT, I LOVE him even more, he puts up with my foolishness, and is my ROCK when I need him to be. I’m not trading or upgrading. 
What do you like/dislike MOST (about blogging)??
I like most about blogging is *meeting* cool ass folk from all over the globe that I would have NEVER had a chance to meet if not for the blogosphere. What I dislike about blogging are the trolls that hang out waiting on a chance to spread their negative vibes.
Ever consider using your sewing skillz to go into business??
Nope… I don’t think my sewing skills are honed enough to sew for others for profit. I mean if I make you something and you aint pay for it then you shut your face and wear it. lol But If you pay me then I have to be accountable for what I make for you. That takes the fun and joy out of the hobby. 
~~~~ travel update~~~
To start things off I had a panic attack (a 1st for me) and almost didn’t make it out of STL. Then what should have been a 12hrs train ride ended up being 16hrs. Not including waiting on family to pick me up from the station (insert homicidal tendency face here). I was THISCLOSE to modifying my travel plans and returning to STL. Since I’ve been here I’ve made 1700 boutonnieres(sp? and gross exaggeration). And reached a whole new level of technology withdrawals. I got it BAD! I need to be connected. Tomorrow we go view the body. Wake is Friday and funeral is Saturday
~~~~end travel update~~~~
So keep the questions coming!


  1. Gurl I guess b/c I’ve asked/seen you answer so many questions back in the day on E.D. that I am stuck! Haha!

    BUT I did learn a couple new things about ya in the questions you did answer…mmh I am gonna have to think on my new question to you..or heck just ask you in person! Haha! ;op

    So good to hear your travel update!
    I am praying for your strength!

  2. Cas asked…
    Why am I so crazy?
    because God knew your life would be dull and boring without me in it :p LOL


  3. i got a question for you but i think i asked it before.

    why the hell did/do you stay in the STL? will you ever go back to LA?

  4. lol@ Ian never bagging for you…Ian has some color struck ways in his past…I guess you had to show him what’s up. LOL @ you moving out of your momma’s house to sleep on the floor with Ian…that’s love!

    I have a question….
    When are you visiting Houston again? Give me a heads up so I can make sure to be in the “h”…but that’s more for me than the blog…

    So for the blog…
    Is there anything in your past, you wish you could redo?

  5. Damn…Am I the only one who was nosey enough to ask multiple questions?!?!?!


    Good answers tho!!!

    Glad you finally made it [Oh and that noone got hurt in the process of] :-)!!

  6. Why you had to call me out? What’s up with that! LMAO! I think your answer is right on point though! LMAO! My life is dull without you!

  7. That is a long ass train ride..I drove to LA once..straight through on the way home from la to stl..the way down was a stop in Memphis..this was all pre-Katrina. I don’t get the Creole look..what is that..this is when you are talking about Ian not baggin for you, I don’t get it.

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