Answered questions/ update

What’s up people?!

**** travel update****
spent the day with my cousins. Out of all the grandkids there are only 2 girls. I’m the oldest the other is abt 8yrs younger. I guess this explains why i’m so comfortable with males.
Anywhoo, we went to the tattoo shop. no fresh ink for me. Got daquiri’s, and tighten our abs laughing at my cousin who was driving although his license should CLEARLY be revoked!
The wake is tomorrow afternoon. Then all the grandkids of legal age are going to the casino. Yes i said the casino.

****questions answered ****
Ki asked
“if she could hold $20?”
Ummm girl do you KNOW where i work. I should be asking you to hold and spend $20 lol

Keli asked
“when i would be in houston again?”
At this point I’m not sure. My girlfriends are suppose to be planning another girls night before the summer is up. So i’ll keep you posted 🙂 would love to hang out with the fabulous Keli V lol

She also asked
“if i have anything from my past i’d like to redo?”

Shiid how much time do you have? lol So many things, but what comes to mind is my leaving college to go home and try to help my mom keep my sisters in line. They STILL and in line and I STILL dont have my degree. But I will get it soon!!

Carmell asked
“why did i move/stay to stl? and if I will go back to La?

we came to stl b/c Ian got a job. Simple as that. We stayed b/c I found a job, then we bought the house.

I would love to go back to NOLA as it was pre-katrina. As it stands now. Its not rebuilt enough for me to return to live.

That’s all for now… bout to finish this daquiri and deja vu then go to bed!!

I still a few more days here in louisiana so please
keep the questions coming!

and enjoy the remainder of your work weeks
– ciao bellas’
*waving @ deltapurl*


  1. Ooh Ooh! I got one(or 2)! What are the essentials that you must have on a trip? If you could repack for this trip, what would you bring?

    This is a basically from post I’m eventually going to do, anyway. 🙂

  2. I want to go to NOLA with you! You have a great time no matter the situation! I need one of those daiquiri’s gurl!

    Get out of the car with that cousin of yours! Are you crazy! LMAO!

  3. I’m still very new to your blog but hope you don’t mind a newbie to your blog asking questions.

    How old are you?

    Do you plan to have kids? If so, how many?

    Do you like your job at DSS?

    How long does it take you to do a sewing project?

  4. One of my co-workers just got back from his grandmother’s funeral in Ohio. After the service he and his cousins went to the casino, too! And he won $80. If you win then we will know that our grandparents who have passed on will watch over us at the slot machines!

  5. Let me know when you plan to come on down…shame for you to have come close and we have yet to hang out…plus…I might have another reason to go to Houston too *winks*

    Thanks for sharing in regards to your regrets…hind sight is twenty-twenty…I have so many, yet not sure that I would do anything differently if given the chance…if that makes sense.

    Hope all is well…waiting on another update, especially how things went at the casino, lol.

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