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final update//questions answered

I am HOME!!! yall would not know how happy I am to be home. The funeral and wake both went over well. Apparently before my granddad got sick sick, he wrote a letter to all 7 of his kids, and his grandkids, siblings. They were included in the funeral program. It was very TOUCHING. When I get a chance I want to share what he wrote to my dad. And some of the comedic happenings.

Before I get on to the questions… let me put Amtrak on blast. I will NEVER use them again! I was 3hrs late going and 6 hours late coming back home! AMTRAK sucks monkey balls!!

roddykat asked:
What are the essentials that you must have on a trip? mp3 player, chargers, candy, books and magazines, and my own blanket.

If you could repack for this trip, what would you bring? For this trip forgot my ‘special friend’, i was gone waaay to long from my husband and umm their were some umm itches that…well ya know.

Deltapurl asked:
Question? What will do you if you win a couple of million dollars at the casino?
i would pay off all the debt i have. kick my family and friends down some $$, invest, and travel

@Toni… I won $40 at the casino so maybe the grandparents are looking over us. lol

TiltedHalo asked: (I need your contact info… Email me!)
How old are you? I will be 28 on July 15th

Do you plan to have kids? If so, how many? I would love to have 2 kids. We are trying now. 🙂 Trying is fun

Do you like your job at DSS? It has it’s moments where I hate the place, but overall I like my job. Something is new err’day

How long does it take you to do a sewing project?\ it all depends on the project… but on average about 5 maybe 6 hours.

**** Again thanks to everyone who asked questions. i hope yall got to know me a little better. And we’ll be back to random blogging**** I have 545 blogs to catch up on… so dont think i’m being rude… i’m just waaay behind 😉


  1. Glad you are back home!!!!!

    I thought about trip essentials lol, then kept reading! BAWWWHAHAHAH lol

  2. Glad you made it back home safely.

    545 blogs?! Girl, I would have said phluck it a long time ago! lol lol ol

  3. Glad you made it back home safe and sound. What was up with the Amtrak? I thought it was better to take them then to fly. Who knew. LOL

    How sweet of your grandfather to write those letters. That had to be extremely touching.

    LOL @ you and your special friend. I’m happily married and have one of those too.

    Even though I’m new to your blog, thanks so much for letting me play along and thanks for the email. :o)

  4. glad your trip was good.

    i hate Amtrak too. can you imagine being on the train thats just sitting there with a 1 yo? my grandma used to talk about riding the train to Cali and how nice it was…. i’d rather not!

  5. LMAO @ you including your special friend if given the chance to repack for your trip!!!

    Gurl…You don’t need him!!! [LOL]

    He ain’t nothin’ in comparison to the real thang!!!

    Middle fanger to Am.trak —> You’re absolutely right, they really do suck!!

    Hooray @ your return 🙂

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