Today was a good day…

For TWO reasons

1. Today was the 1st day of my b-day celebration! WHOOHOO And My 1st gift from Ian was a round trip plane (not train) tickets to Houston so I can spend my birthday with my bestest friend!! I was so excited and surprised I was in tears!!! The kicker… She’s been knowing about it since MAY and never mentioned a word.


2. I was finally able to order Rabbit’s Lucky Number. I *met Ms. Lee on a messageboard about a year ago, and was allowed to read a few excerpts as she was in the writing process. I was excited just from reading the excerpts. I am totally GEEKED that my copy is on the way!!! I am so happy for her. She has worked HARD and this is a great accomplishment for her!! Geaux Ms. Lee!!

You can get your copy HERE

Hope your week is off to a great start!!


  1. Congrats to both you and Ms. Lee…and I am working on getting my butt over to H-Town. Let the party begin, lol!

  2. Awww…How sweet of your hubby to do that for you!!
    [I can see you cheesin’ from all the way ova here!! LOL]

    Kudos to Ms. Lee for her recent accomplishment…

    She’s one of four bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person [and a beautiful one she is] so….I’m really happy for her and will definitely be coping a copy of her book.

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