The police just left my house….

after pulling a Meth addict off of our roof!!!!

We both were woken up when we heard noises on the roof. Ian got up to check out the noises outside. I did a lookie loo inside. We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and the noises stopped. So we got back in bed.

THEN…. we see flashlights on our deck and hear voices. My first thought was “should I get on the floor, it must’ve been a drug deal gone bad, and they are chasing someone”. Then I remembered…

1. We aren’t in new orleans anymore.
2. We don’t live in the hood.

Then we started hearing the radios, and authoritative voices saying “Come on down off the roof”

It’s the got damn PO-PO!

LOL After the guy is off the roof, Ian goes outside (WHAT?! I know you didn’t think he was going out when they had their guns drawn) and we found out what happened.

Apparently, this guy was at his house getting FUKED UP and thought he was having a heartattack. Well instead of staying at HIS house (which is like 3 blocks over in another subdivision), he starts running and ends up on our roof.

(Ian w/the police I said “yall just made the blog” before taking the pic)

Why our house? No idea lol

but the kicker….

He used his cell phone to call his MOTHER and that’s how the police knew where he was. He told the police and his momma, he was scared to get off the roof b/c ” a black man came out the house”

(the black man)

BYTCH this IS the black man’s house!!!

Funny shyt huh?! Bet YOUR 4th of July didn’t start with as much of a bang. lol And you prolly spent a shytload of $$ on fireworks. :p


Be Safe and Have Fun!


  1. It’s never a dull moment down there is it! LOL! A meth addict on the roof! Indeed!

    He said he saw a black man come out the house. Yeah fool! You picked the wrong house! LOL!

  2. OMG!!!! I can’t believe that craziness!!

    Haha @ a lookie loo inside – I know that’s right!

    Gurl I would have hit the deck with all those flashing lights!

    My goodness! That man was STOOPID!
    And then had the nerve to get indignant about whose house he was on!! *hmph*

    @ Sheila – I am with you on that one gurl! LOL!!

    Well Happy Freakin 4th of July!! HAHAHA!

  3. thats white folks hood! ain’t enough negros around where that fool know… hey theres black folk over here let me take my ass home… cops knew right where to go didn’t they!!!? ya’ll the only ones!!! you know i had to maximize the pic to see if i knew any of the cops. they in they city blues though!

    yeah this is my favorite holiday and we ain’t don’t jack… not even popin firecrackers… 🙁 have a good one up in Chi-Town.

  4. OMFG…I can’t believe that happened..Meth Head..you ARE in MO..yeah I believe it..
    black man came out of the house..OMG you can’t make that stuff up.

  5. You win. That’s takes the cake for most interesting beginning to a 4th of July.

    BYTCH this IS the black man’s house!!!
    is the best damn line. Again, possibly ever.

  6. Girl, this is two drops of pee funny! The funniest part was he wouldn’t get off the roof because he saw a black man come out of the house! ROFL

  7. So, so funny! He was more scared of your husband than of the cops? Never a dull moment, that’s for sure. Your holiday tops mine, too; my roof is too steep for this kind of “fun.”

  8. That’s hysterical (from the safety of my own house, of course).

    One time I was sitting on the steps to my back porch and a young guy started running out of the drainage ditch behind the house…closely followed by two cops. They tackled him in my yard, while I was sipping some Dr. Pepper, cuffed him, and marched him up my driveway, right by me.

    As they walked by, one cop simply says, “Hi!” and the other said something like “nice weather, today, isn’t it?” Just small talk like nothing happened.

    I guess another day at the office for them.

  9. My entire year so far hasn’t measured up to the excitement ya’ll had this morning. OMG!!!!

    My mouth is wide open right now!

    I’m glad you and Ian are okay and that dude didn’t try nothing funny.

    Meth is a helluva drug. lol

  10. LMAO!!! After all those years of watching black folks do crazy stuff on crack. It is now time for us to sit back and watch white folks do the same stuff on meth!! I wonder who’s next?

  11. I agree with cas – there is NEVAH a dull moment in your life! I was laughing so hard that my kids came to see if I was alright. I’m wiping away tears as I type this!! Gosh my life is sooooo tame compared to yours!!!!

  12. lmao @ scared because the black man came out the house…done!

    The most random ish happens to you and Ian. Wow.

    I am still laughing…boy, boy, boy…

    Glad that you are safe.

    Happy 4th, reading this post might be the highligt of my day.

  13. That is a TRIP. I remember when I was a teenager some kid was doing the backyard hop and ran onto our deck via the ramp right next to my bedroom window. The police were hot on his tail and I was spooked. Fortunately, I had a black man of my own, my daddy so I could go back to sleep that night.

  14. Why do I live for your stories!? Girl that is some scary ish! I would have sent my black man outside to check it out too. LOL Hell I would have sent anyone at my house at the time to check it out!

  15. I haven’t had anything that exciting happen to me since I was a teenager, many years ago.

    You know while on meth that black man probably looked like Godzilla to him. LOL After reading this I was kind of hoping for a picture of the meth addict on the roof and getting cuffed.

  16. I clicked on over from Mocha’s after the title of this post caught my eye. Holy crap! That’s one helluva evening! (And I love that you announced that the picture was gonna end up in the blog… that’s how you know how blogging had totally changed your life… when in a crisis the first thing that comes to mind is.. Hey.. this would be a great entry! LOL)

  17. No he didn’t say he was scared of a black man!When his ass is F up running on top of peoples roofs!!

  18. I can’t get over the fact that he said “he’s scared to come off the roof because a black man came out of the house”

    Ole ig’nant @ss…


  19. Look at you snapping pics! LOL That would’ve scared the living shit out of me! Talk about a firecracker! LOL Whew, that was some 4th of July.

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