My mojo is back… pic heavy

Before we get into the pictures… When you wear things you’ve sewn do you tell people?

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simplicity 3678
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I have a select few at work who know I sew and they’ll ask if I made what i’m wearing that day. The only way I’ll tell is if they ask me where I bought it? I don’t know why I do it… i just do. LOL


  1. You have been busy!!!! LOVE the green print dress… I’m noticing a tank šŸ˜‰ lol

    People might ask where I purchased something but only a few people I’m around all the time know I sew.

  2. Wow! You did get your mojo back. Good for you! I hope it continues!

    Your dresses are cute. I am with you. I only tell if they ask. But of course I do not sew enough for anyone to ask! LOL!

  3. If I could sew anywhere near as well as you do, hell yes I would tell people I made it! šŸ™‚

  4. Yep, your mojo is back! Everything looks great!

    I only mention sewing if someone asks where I bought something.

  5. LOL @ “my mojo is back” —> 3 different dresses?!?!?! It sure is!!! šŸ™‚

    If I did sew, I doubt I’d tell people whether or not I made what I was wearing [unless of course I planned to make it a profession].

    Besides, the evil streak in me would make me get out of tellin’ folks I bought it from some random store [or another].


  6. I meant…”the evil streak in me would make me get a kick out of tellin’ folks I bought it from one random store [or the other]”

    That’s what I get for thinking evil thoughts!!

  7. I don’t sew, but since I knit, I sometimes have this same issue. Like you, I only tell if they ask, which they normally don’t. So that makes me wonder if it looks good enough to look store bought or if they really don’t even notice what I have on, lol.

  8. bump that if it looks good and i’m wearing it… and thats the only way i will wear it, i’m telling!! i really like the green dress!

  9. You’ve been crankin’ them out! If I’d made something I’d tell people I made it if they asked in a way that sounded like they liked it! LOL.

  10. I’m so jealous…I wish I could sew and make my own clothes cuz that would sure save on my pocketbook, cuz I love shopping. Love, love, love that green print dress. Can I have it? LOL

  11. I love the green dress. Oh, by the way…how did you get the sleeves sewn in–LOL. You know..when people ask me where I got an item from…uummm…I just tell them..I….HECK purchased it at Macy’s or somewhere. LOL Girl, you know I AIN’T completed a sewing project yet. NOW..stop laughing at me. Happy Sewing:)


  12. I really like the blue dress…hot mama!

    lol@ you only mentioning you made it when they asked where it was bought?

  13. Major mojo going on…lol

    Great job on the dresses. If a person inquire about my outfit I will tell them then that I made it, but otherwise no.

  14. I’m liking what I’m seeing! You have been sewing up a storm. Everyone knows I sew, work in a small office in NYC and I don’t do department stores at lunchtime like most everyone else…plus those bags behind my desk full of fabric from the garment district are dead giveaways! *LOL*

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